Friday, May 14, 2010

Updates on James Ibori

Even after been arrested and interrogated as at yesterday morning, sources claimed James Ibori does not plan to stand trial either in Dubai, Uk or Nigeria.

The Fugitive was arrested yesterday and was interrogated in Dubai by the International Police (INTERPOL).

He was picked by Interpol agents at his posh apartment in Dubai with the assistance of the Dubai police.

Ibori became a fugitive and escaped from the Nigerian police and EFCC on corruption charges after he was connected to illegal disposal of 528 million shares belonging to Delta State in Oceanic Bank.

Unconfirmed reports say the operation is linked to the British Metropolitan Police, and that Mr. Ibori is to be taken to the United Kingdom.

Ibori has been granted bail with his travel documents confiscated while the United Arab Emirates [Dubai] authorities consider extradition requests from the UK government.

However, reliable sources claimed that the ex-governor of Delta State harbours no intention of standing trial.
The source claims he is planning another escape from Dubai to Saudi Arabia where he strongly believes he can get immunity.


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