Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good Bye to Talk Show.. Tyra Banks

After five seasons, two Daytime Emmy awards and too many girl-power episodes to count, Tyra Banks is announcing the end of "The Tyra Show."

"This will be the last season of The Tyra Show," Banks tells PEOPLE exclusively. "I've been loving having fun, coming into your living rooms, bedrooms, hair salons for the past 5 years."
Wrapping at the end of its fifth season in the spring of 2010, it will be lights out for the show that brought viewers memorable weave-exposing, cellulite-revealing and tear-jerking moments.

Bank will focus on the launch of Bankable Studios, a N.Y.-based film production company currently reviewing possible projects. Sticking to her mission, Banks aims to bring "positive images of women to the big screen," says an industry insider.

"My next huge steps will allow me to reach more women and young girls to help us all feel as fierce as we truly are," Banks says.
Adds the insider: "Tyra is sad because she'll be missing so much of the daily connection to her viewers, but excited at the same time to be taking on a new challenge."

With encouragement from filmmaker Tyler Perry and longtime mentor Oprah Winfrey, Banks is "redefining beauty for women in film," adds the source. "With Oprah's big announcement this year, I think that gave Tyra the confidence to get out there and follow her longtime dream of film producing."

But fashion fiends worry not. "America's Next Top Model" is slated to return for its 15th season in February along with Banks's ABC show "True Beauty."

"There's a lot cooking right now and a lot of fire burning in my heart," Banks writes in an open letter on her Web site. "And I salute you my amazing family of viewers; without you there never would have been a Tyra Show. I really love you all."




muyiwa said...

Good luck to her,at least she is rich enough to do whatever

My World said...

Aww,I love that show!
wish her luck......

BSNC said...

I wish her all the best..

cici said...

i love that show too good luck to her..

Vera Ezimora said...


I guess goodluck and congratulations are in order, then?

May God order her footsteps. She's a very creative woman. I like that about her. She's not afraid to dip her hands into a variety of things. Way to go, Tyra!

Myne Whitman said...

A strong role model, she and Tyra seem to be following the same timelines. I wish her the very best and look forward to her projects.

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Loved her spirit and passion.
Loved that show and would surely miss it

Sassy Trends said...

@Muyiwa, abi o and she's got the brains too..one thing I so admire in her..
@My world, everyoone loves that show..lol..
@BSNC, thanks for stopping by dear..
@cici eko, Thanks for stopping by hun..
@vera, yeah..Tyra is very creative too.. that is one thing I so admire about her too..hmnn
@Myne.. who is the she here..dont really get you there dear but thanks for stopping by..
@TGWTRH,we all will..lol..thanks dearie...

ifeyinka said...

@Muyiwa, we should not be surprised if she is wealthy, and she smiles to bank(s) because her last name is Banks. Na her last name dey guide her destiny.

@Sassy Trends, I think Tyra Banks is a combination of beauty, brilliance and boldness. These are the personal traits that have taken her this far. I wish her all the best.

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