Wednesday, December 23, 2009

I Love you all...

And here comes 2010 with such a strong force that makes me shiverr... arghhhhh!!!
To be candid 2009 had meant a lot to different people... and here it is.. melting before our very eyes leaving behind what I can as well AN HISTORY and A PAST.

We may as well forget so soon that 2009 had buried behind so many dreams, raised false hopes and aspirations and left many on the peak of regret, pain and loss.

But there is this word I love so much... that has transformed me and changed so many things about my state of mind and how I reason. That word is HOPE....

And that is what I will love to give as we all move into the New year...

*Hope enough to believe you will hit it this year
*Hope enough to achieve the extra ordinary
*Hope enough to love and be loved
*Hope enough to work towards the fulfilment of your dreams..
*Hope enough to get a life..

It's really going to be a tough one but with HOPE, the end of 2010 would bring so much laughter and tears of joy....

Have a Merry Xmas and a Fulfilling 2010

I love you all...



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