Friday, July 24, 2009


Its no doubt the advent of a new era in Lagos and most lagosians are still thrilled at the great deal of change unleashed by one of the Top five Governors in Naija.
Bit by bit, we all look forward eagerly to the Lasgidi of our dreams and post a mental image of it in the next few years in our Memory.

When Governor Raji Fashola came into power after the last tenure of popular Ex Bola Tinubu (known as ojuyobo), so many people think it's going to be the God father and God son swagger and most of the BBP (Bad Belle People) look forward to another Anambra State look alike crisis or the Kwara State kind of God father God son fuck ups...
But alas, we were all caught unawares and presently AC (Action Congress) still remains a party to reckon with in the South-West. All thanks to Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Raji Tunde Fashola has made for himself a name and that name would linger on in the mouth and hearts of all Lagosians even in many years to come.
An average Lagosian would tell you that though fashola has this smiling and ever friendly face, he is a no-nonsense kind of person and whatever he sets out to do in his mind, there is no going back.

Oshodi is one of the many places that has gone through the potent FASHOLA's magical touch! Being one of the most razz and unfriendly places in lagos where anything goes and no crime in the whole of this world is a new thing, Oshodi make boost of the greatest chunk of Lasgidi's population with a kind of hustle and bustle you just can't find in any other part of Lagos.
Apart from housing big time robbers, area boys, area mommas and the like, it is an abode for the homeless, familiar spirits and even the akudayas (Dead people said to come back to life to live again). And of course all these cliques of people buy and sell in the then popular Oshodi Market.
When Governor Fashola announced the "Rebranding" of Oshodi, people winked their noses and shoved it aside. Most of the people in his cabinet even advised him to - LEAVE THAT SIDE!

But today, oshodi has become a dream come true and it's an evidence of good things to come in lagos.
Presently, the sexy hot corporate cabs, the well airconditioned BRT buses, the well lite streets and the road beautification is enough reasons to say We are getting there!
Though there are still issues about road, good drainage and the likes, but The rebranding of lagos has come a long way and we can only hope that the best is truly yet to come.
We surely aint seen nothing yet, Lagos will be another small london in naija while states like Crossriver and Jos would only fit in as second best.


Off topic: BSNC and Naijagurl perspective just diappear ni? Abeg make una come back to blogsville o, I think the break una take don




Writefreak said...

I love that picture of Tinubu and
Eko o ni baje o! Fashola is doing a great job, if only our president could borrow a lead from his book...

Sassy Trends said...

Oh yeahhh @writefreak.

Anonymous said...

First time here and I cannot agree with you more. I have posted so many commentaries on BRF and I will not get tired of this young man's determination to make a change in the lives of Lagosians.

Check me out and see what I had to say... Nice one

Vera Ezimora said...

LOL @ the pic. We pray to have more Fasholas in Naija. I'm from Anambra, and all I can say is, 'God help us,"

Tinu said...

Can he be the next president??????it would be more than a dream come true to have him as the president!!

Gee said...

hahaha.....wen i passed oshodi last christmas i was stunned sh!
wish other governors could follow suit sha.
nd BSNC...bring ur yansh bk o

Tigeress said...

Nice post. We can only hope for a better Lagos/country.

Anonymous said...

yeah,ive been seeing the youtube videos about him...hes even planning on expanding lagos and building the stuff over the atlantic and from the projected pictures its going to be beautifl...the work has already started sef so its not only talk.
reminds me a lot of donald duke.

joicee said...

I like what the guy is doing..but honestly he is a governor who is just doing his job ..hopefully the other theieving ones will watch and learn..

Loving the pic

Sassy Trends said...

@babajidesalu, will check you out mii dear, thanks....xoxo

@Madam vera, amen to that o and a very big amen at that...xx

@Tinu tontolo mii, that's the random thought on the mind of many this But to be quite frank with you I dont think Fashola will just emerge the president of naija overnight sha... maybe after a second, abeg help me call that BSNC gurl well
Can anyone help me with her e-mail?..
On oashodi, no doubt it's a sign of good things to come in lasgidi...

Sassy Trends said...

@Tigeress dear, thanks oo madam, hope is the only thing...true that...xx

@Mii Leggy, yes oo baby, he is the man right now jooor... we can only pray hard against all BBP's (Bad Belle People) for

@Joicee, yes and not only doing his work but doing it in the midst of ....... you know now!

Much luv to you all
Thanks for stoping by

Fancy-Free said...

I wasn't impressed about Fashola until I read of his progress in the FT last week. Kudos to him.

It's true o, I haven't seen BSNC abt in a minute.

Sassy Trends said...

@fancy-fee, you were not impressed with him initially ke? Me I dey surprised with that sha oo cos right frm day one in office, he has been performing like the real performer he

Thanks for stopping by mii dear

Lolia said...

I love the picture! And I loveeeee Fashola :))) Back to Lagos in a week and it's definitely about time...I miss my city! :)

Sassy Trends said...

@Lolia, u berra pack ur load and board the next flight
I bet you you're going to enjoy the trip...

Lhinkoln said...

In the first place, where da heck did you get that picture from?
hahahahahahahahahahahaha, people have started going crazy in this land called nigeria.
Sassy luv, you wont kill me.

Saw one of Obasanjo, maybe you can do a write up on that too will send it to your box.

On EKO, let's see what Fashola an do about the police men wey full road dey collect NGN20 from every commuters and let's see how he is going to deal with the agbero and armed robbers around.

This is not just all about christmas light on the street during the yuletide season or solar light street lights wey no see anything, fashola should put in more effort, we want to see better things.

Sassy Trends said...
hahahahaha, i join ou laff small oo...
the police wey dey road na anoda matter entirely ooo as that one ire every body jare, the baffling thing is they do it without a care in the world, wherever it is they got that confidence only God sabi..

On the christmas, me I think dt one na good idea oo after all if e no do am na who go query am... he still needs una support self...
aw u dey my gee?

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