Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Kokomansion takes a new twist and More Sassy Updates..

Guess viewers have not seen anything yet as the much acclaimed D'Banj's KOKOMANSION is taking a new twist. Not only that, it's no doubt ascertaining the fact that it is made to be the Naija "PLAYBOY MANSION" look alike.
After the eviction show or na party dem call (that sent Rekena and Victoria packing), A pretty looking 25 year old by the name Isi Munirat moved in with the kokolets, she is based in the Netherlands, and works as a travel agent.
Rekena, Victoria and Rita were up for eviction. Rekena and Victoria were sent packing when it was all said and done…. so so sad.

GUS VI....Gone Biased?

Got so many complaints of recent about Naija's most innovative Reality Tv show - The Gulder Ultimate Search- that has led many people into the coonclusion that the reality show is not just biased but that the said "Council of Elders" already have their own targeted last man standing. Many cited the last two episode as not just revealing but also one that speaks so much volume.

This has kept many wondering, ST will keep you posted as soon as we get enough details.

July's Edition of the Friday ComedyLaff is on friday and much have been said about this yet to come edition so I guess it's not something o miss anyway...
The "YORIYORI" crooners - Bracket - would be performing and many Top Comedians like BasketMouth and Ay would be on stage to thrill the audience.

Venue is the Magnolia Hall City Mall Onikan-Lagos and time is 6pm.
You can grab a ticket at Cubes (SilverBird Galleria) Newscafe (Shorite) and Inspiration fm.

Friday nite Comedy laff is powered by inspiration fm and is proudly supported by DAna Air.

More to come.
How has the day been?




chayoma said...

r u serious? New kokolette!
they need to create other engaging activities aside from eating ! lol
She does look.....
let's just see what she brings to the table

Fabulo-la said...

I will keep my comments about this to myself..LOL
So sassy..r u like a PR person or what?
Shey u cna get me reserved tickets if I wanted..? :)
Eh babes???

Shey u r good sha

Sassy Trends said...

@Chayoma, im as stunned as you are mii dear lol..maybe we should just keep our fingers crossed and watch what happens next...

@Fabulo-la, im fyne o my dear, actuallly dont think there is any reserved ticket's berra you gey urs ni o..lmao..


Original Mgbeke said...

I definitely need to catch up on Koko. I didn't know a new girl was in the building. So she come leave the Netherlands for the show abi wetin?

Sassy Trends said...

lol... I sabi for am ni...lmao!
You need to catch up o original mgbeke...something keeps telling me kokomansion dey step up

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

They are coping Big Brother Naija style!!!
I need to watch that show oh, enough gist already.

I lost interest in GUS a long time ago, can't bring my self to watch that acting they call reality show

Sassy Trends said...

@The girl with the red hair really?
ACting GUS shey? Ifeel you
Thanks for stopping by hun..


Anonymous said...

HEyyyyooo, there is definately something fishy about this kokomansion self.
How are you sassy?

Lhinkoln said...

Sassy you no ask of me o, let me read this your update.

Vera Ezimora said...

Koko Mansion sucks!! LOL.

Anonymous said...

lol...I HATE RITA!!...i dont know why people have been keeping her there!!she cant speak english or anything!!she shouldnt be representing anybody...i mean mo hits records are people with a good control of english..y should the person representing them be someone like rita?mscheww
i hope shona or chidinma wins cos if rita wins eh!!!
i watch all these from utube oh!!Lol..ive never seen an eviction party video on youtube..if u find it..send me the link k?

Sassy Trends said...

Lol, @Lhinkoln, how you dey my dear? So sorry, Ve been quite busy ni

@Vera...haba! so you hate the show reach?
I feel you my sister maybe the twist to it will bring more live into it...

@Leggy, everybody seem to hate Rita but hey..werrin man go do, e be like sey na she dey still bring life into the show oo.... at least she no dey form like others..
Will send you the link if I can find it dear
How you dey?

downtheaisle said...

new kokolette in the house? why the copying of BigBrotjer? how many of them remain for d house sef... na real wa, for dis koko mansion by force reality show.

anyway, how u dey jare?

Sassy Trends said...

Abi o...@downtheaisle, real copycopy D'Banj wan
I'm fine o my dear
Thanks for stopping by...


Lhinkoln said...

On KOKOMANSION, I think he is trying to do a big brother thing, maybe more things are yet to be unfolded we never can tell but why that rita girl no go self>? with all the grammarian she doon use nack our head, e ef sisi and nhepa talk dem.

Lhinkoln said...

On GUS, seyi has been evicted already last night and we dont even need a juju priest to tell us that was programmed and arranged. It is so revealing now that they only want Elcis to be the last man of the show if not he would have been evicted two days ago afer that fatal error which can not be compared to what Seyi did.

I am so pissed at the show right now and I dont even think i want to watch it again.
The first three editions are clean but after wards, what they do is crap

A reasonable person would see from the lagoon restaurant party they did that is was all arrnged.
Chisom should be very careful because it is so obvious she is the next target for eviction.
GUS ke? Na stale thing now o, omo fiyen le!!!

Lhinkoln said...

On FRIDAY NITE COMEDY, I am not trying to criticise yoriyori singers o but that is not enough reason for me to go there.
Magnolia hall is always to roudy and smaall for that kind of event
The day they will decide to change the venue, I will consider going.

Tinu said...

I still cant bring myself to wath kokomansion i dnt know y!!

Sassy Trends said...

Biko this one too much nah...kilowade bobo?!!!lol

@Tinu mii tontolo... dont tell me you've not watched it yet....Not even one episode?!!!lol

Natasha said...

Sassy, this is serious o. Kokomansion don kolo o,

Naijagirl said...

Having just watched the rita gurl on youtube, I would say they left her cos she is hyping the show for them.

Sassy Trends said...

@Natasaha, na real

@Naijagirl, abi o, na wetin I talk be dat o, she is just spicing up the whole thing for them and making the show and the house a bit of

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