Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sexy and Hot in PLATFORMS...

Hallo peeps!

ST is back once more with hot fashion trends that gives you that hot summer appeal..lol
Figure out we all know Platform heels are No-Do-Without now 'cos they are really taking the center stage on the scene and every sassy lady out there is clavouring for one.
Good enough, they are so designed in such a way that they can suit both Corporate/Formal and Casual outfit.

Styles varies from the Platform pumps to the Platform peep toes with straps and Platform sandals.
Playing along with colors is cool too and aint that a bad idea 'cos it defines your taste and swagga...yummy!
One major advantage that comes with all Platform heels is the Sweet comfort it gives to your feet.

Oh yeah.. the platform advantage I will call it, this makes it so easy to carry makes your steps so graceful too...way to go!!!

So whichever you prefer - the six inch and above or the six inch and below, just digg it and look fab!
Comm'n, Let's get sexy and show off some hot legs... after all it's all about getting it and flaunting it..lol




chayoma said...

i love platforms but not hooker looking ones....lol

yinkuslolo said...
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yinkuslolo said...

i dont do platforms but these ones particularly scare me

Tinu said...

I cant even wear heels!!!
whenever I wear them I start to wobble like Jenifa when she first wore heels!!hehehe Ive been good??hows work?

Fabulo-la said...

@Tinu..u dont wear heels ke?
As in at all at all????
Biko but y?

Platforms r d ish..d higher d better...but not those ones u r av up sha Sassy..lol

P.S where av u been Sassy?
Been a while...

Tinu said...

@Fabulola i do when my friends force me to wear them they hurt like crazy!!

Feral Female said...

I love the ones I got from ASOS.com


, they don't look like the hooker-type platforms.

But I can't but feel that they'll soon be out of style, like the platforms our parents wore in the 60s/70s :P

Is that just me??

downtheaisle said...

sassy sassy!!!, these platforms are one kind ooo, e get as dem be. especially d yellow and black one

Sassy Trends said...

@Chayoma, aw you take know hooker looking ones biko?...lmao
Will snap myself in one soon then and I'm sure you'll really like it.

@Yinkuslolo, if you dont do them then I can understand clearly why this ones are such a scare dear...

@Tinu, platform heels are totally different from just any ordinary heels, the "PLatform Appeal" makes you so comfy such that you will think you're actually in a plain shoe with no heel. That's why I'm falling alover for it dear.

Sassy Trends said...

@Fabulola, I feel you jare, picture no gree me see fyne ones...lol
I've been very busy my dear... so annoyingly busy..lol
Is anyone seeing Naijagurl around?

@Tinu tontolo..lol
try platforms, I'm sure you'll really like dem..

@Feral Female, that makes the two of us o.
But really the fact remains that I am yet to see any fashion trend..or let me say hot fashion trend that would stay forever, they will always keep the "Recycling" format all over again... they keep going and coming out again with a bang.

@downtheaisle luv, lmao..abeg no kill me with laffter, is it the heels or the platforms?
Which one dey somehow so?....lmao


Anonymous said...

the pink one is hawt!!!me want!!

Natasha said...

The white one is crazy and hot gosh!
Person fit walk with that kain platform?

akaBagucci said...

I have always being intrigued by how you peeps manage to stay balanced in those heels - especially the stilettos (if I remember correctly); and then some chicas go the extra distance of wearing ultra -tight skirts with them, that has to be the most serious piece of freedom reducing clothing I have ever seen!

Rose said...

Ah...The reliable resort..
Have a lovely pair of Steve Madden's that leave me towering over all when i put them on.I think the best about this is it the heels are balanced out to prevent wobbling..Lovely blog you have.First time here..

Sassy Trends said...

@akaBagucci, I feel you here my dear but really platform heel is just not about an everyday heel, the platforms makes it more comfy and make you walk comfrotably.

@Rose, thanks love, howdy-do?
good thing you are feeling the vibes and enjoying the trend luv.

Thanks for stopping by


Writefreak said...

Oh wow...if you hit someone on the end with any of these shoes, that's the end...lol!

Sassy Trends said...

Hhahahaahahahahahahaha... dts funny...lol

Sassy Trends said...

Waoh, these heels sassy?!
I fit so??????

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