Friday, July 17, 2009


Now the day is over
Night is drawing nigh
Shadows of the evening
Still across the sky...

You remember that hymn don't yah? You better
I have always looked forward to singing that hymn every single day of my life way back then in primary school. Truth is I have never enjoyed primary school abeg and I look forward to closing hour with great enthusiasm and zeal. Aint we all guilty of that?

Immediately the closing bell goes off ....oh my..oh my!
We will all scream and jump up while we grab our bags and run down to the assembly hall to say the closing prayers and we all sing with great gusto and passion - the kain sing wey we no sing for morning assembly. lol.

You can imagine the over excitement we would exume then when it is a friday, the sheer thought of staying away from school for two days is enough to make us sing and bring down the roof of the hall as our voices can be heard miles away from the barricaded walls of our school hall.... Great lil' Choristers we were then...hmnn!

If I actually thought those days and eras were past gone, then I might just be in for a shocker 'cos fridays still remains my No 1 day in the whole of the week till date. Though for different reasons now sha.

And believe me I have looked forward to today (This friday) and now that it's here I can't but thank God for the two days peace of mind I will enjoy after a very tough week... oh yeah.. a very very tough and tight week!

Although there are some things one can't do without going through in this Lagos of a place but I would say this week's case is way off the board and it's an extreme case that won't stop baffling me sha... I can't but Screeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam out.... "WHAT A WEEK!!!!!!!!!" as I keep counting hours and looking forward to 6pm.

Yes, the rain has been really ........ this week. You know how it is when it's raining on the Island end of Lasgidi, Naija don't yah? I find myself swimming... oh yeah... swimming in the durty durty water that got the whole beautiful roads and environs floded. This type of rain water gushing out from every nook and cranny had been cooked with such ingredients as dirts, urine, probably feaces and what have you... I can't help but pray fervently for this Raining season to just come to an end. Though it's really refreshing and ofcourse its a blessing from mother nature but the one wey e do don do abeg.


This week's traffic has been one of a kind. Na that kain dem dey call traffic without mercy. Every nook and cranny of Lasgidi is totally congested and one has to wait till very late at night before venturing into the long journey home. Hei!!! This is just not funny. The cracky body ache you go through sitting in the car for hours while moving slowly in the yeye queue na something else and to cap it up the thought of waking early the next day can give you hypertension. Shey dis one no be suffering so? Suffering and smiling like the late King of Afrobeat would sey.

Raaaaannddddddddddddyy Bosses!

Why can't durty old pappys leave young young gurls alone just for once?! Why can't young married men finish from work and go home to their wives?!!! This is the worst week for me 'cos most of my boses eyeing me showed me Wehhn! as in weeeehhhhhhhhn! I was almost pushed to locking myself up in the "Ladies" on Wednesday and having a very good cry. This is just not fair. And to cap it up in a working environment like mine, na yawa o! I received about three memos and queries alone for no offence whatsoever from two randy boss. (One young and one Old Agbaya) Peeps, it wasn't funny! The young one is one big time flirts that has literally slept with every lady in sight for that office and the Old one is another big time pretender too. They both have money to spend and are guys you can term Lagos Big Boyz... but hey! When you no do, you no do na niyen joor! Free me!!!!!! I go survive sha.


Believe me, I have started a total of about five blogs before this that I have given up on and it is more like a tale of starting one, getting fed up and starting another! Then the advent of ST put a stop to them all 'cos I eventually ended up doing a variety thingy and spared myself the headache I would have to go through restraining myself to just one particular thing. Now I can do fashion if I choose to or venture into Entertainment and Events if I want to. Nurrin But believe me Blogging no be small job o, like a friend would sey... Na Potato?!!!! Abeg no be potato! Na serious work and it takes perseverance and real hard work to update often Thumbs Up my fellow Bloggers in the Blogger's mansion... no be small thing abeg!

So this week is gone now shey, gone and would soon be history, but in all, we must endeavour to give thanks 'cos there are yet some priviledges we still enjoy than the fellow next door even if we think it's cool to virtually complain about everything (Good or Bad) we pass through journeying through life.

Enjoy your weekend peeps and always have it in mind that "Some people own worse pass yah own" And life should be enjoyed anyway because its way too short to carry a long face the whole day.

Luv you all loads...



Miss Odukoya xx said...

Love the post!! I know, blogging is not easy like I am always trying to catch up with everyone else and that's a good question, why don't men just go back to their wives at home..crazy!!

Ms. Dufa said...

Your post was so refreshing! Sorry about randy bosses, cant you report them? Please i'm enjoying the rain, wish it could go on forever! As for traffic, Eko o ni baje o!

Anonymous said...

lol...have a lovely weekend dear.

yinkuslolo said...

Blogging is no joke, my dear! I hope ur wkend was [or is] fab.

Fabulo-la said...

lol..Sassy no use style close this one o!
As for them bosses..My dear just keep praying o abeg..I no know wetin i go tell u again..
Make we hand them over to God..abi?

shey u r ok sha??

Sassy Trends said...

Thanks Miss Odukoya, I dey feel you ojare.

@Ms Dufa, lol, report ke?!!!
Hmnn, maybe when I get anoda job ni o, cos sexual harrasment is coded in naija unlike it is in other countries.
The rain must stop abeg..the one wey e do don do!

@leggy luv, thanks.

Sassy Trends said...

@Ynkusloslo, it was thanks.

@Fabulo-la, abi o my

Thanks for stopping by @ all

akaBagucci said...

Ah.. that song! Brings back waves of nostalgia.... I miss my Sunday School!

Ah.. are there no official channels to deal with the 'randy old men' like report them anonymously or sthng?

Sassy Trends said...

lol, @AkaBagucci, maybe I too dey scared to even venture self becos dem politics playing plenty for here..
So it wont be a tale of loosing at both
Thanks for stopping by


downtheaisle said...

lol@men who close at work and refuse to go home to their wives

Babe, dis traffic 4 lasgidi is becoming a real issue o, going home is now a challenge. We go survive sha!

Sassy Trends said...

Abi @downtheaisle, there case should be looked seriously into.. and for the traffic, aw man go do self?

Loads of luv dear

Natasha said...

Hi Sassy dear.
Nice writeup.
How have you been?

This your randy boses them, I bind them by fire o.. ha-an!

Sassy Trends said...

Lmao.. Natasha help me bind dem

How have you been my dear?

Anonymous said...


Sassy Trends said...

@anonymous, lol!

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