Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dang! You are screwed!!!

Why are so many people full of shit?!
Nosey peckers, Prying Scumbags, Snoopy Dunderheads and Slum fools who fool themselves around nosing around you and what happens to you.
Why do some people rejoice over knowing what goes around in and out your world? They have made it their chore for the day….
Why do people you call friends come behind to stab you at your back?

This life is just crazy and full of shit!
The heart of this thing called Man…hmnnn …Who can tell?
Full of Skillful deceit, treacherously cunning, Tricky, Crafty,
It is more like a barren land for heap of dung… a kind of dung hill,
A repugnantly filthy or degraded place… that is what should best describe their heart…

I have vowed never to wonder why some people can never rise above their head, they can never make out anything good in life… because they are busy nosing around other people’s business and affairs.
Go nose around for all I care and go fill yourself with your own sh**t… you aint seen nothing yet.
Oh yes you… I MEAN YOU!!! Go figure….

A word of thanks to all my last Commentators, you are all very special and sweet. *winkazzzz*



Naija bad boi.... said...

*looks around*...errr....errrr....dang am so scared to comment


Anonymous said...

lol...this is why i never trust people.

BSNC said...

wow sassy. I think you gave it to who ever you are talking about..

lol winkazz to you too :)

Emilia said...

Its part of human nature to nose around share a little gossip once and again but I know it is annoying really when you are the victim... and its something we alll need to work on to live quietly and mind our own business.....This person who is bothering you (She assume its a she) got the point if they read your post.....

Tinu said...

ahhhh??????some people should just be kept at arms length!!ma binu

iDELLA*BELLE! said...



Myne Whitman said...

Ehh yaaa, don't mind the haters you hear.

iphyigbogurl said...

wow...this person sure pised u off
such is life my dear.....
people can be anoying....
like leggy said...i find it very hard to trust pple...

Fabulo-la said...

Move over Sassy is pissed!

Shey u feel berra?

TRYBES said...

Smells like someone touched a wrong spot..

Easy does will be fine..

Nice Anon said...

Take am easy oh.

Sassy Trends said...

lol...@Naija bad boi, Look around well o my broda, you are

@Leggy, get my point dear.. one must take serious caution.

@BSNC, lol, e no easy my sister, was really so pissed yesterday. Aw u dey and hope you kept my 50th anniversary cake ooo... else...!!!hmn!

@Emilia, thanks my dear, your points are well noted.

@Tinu tontolo mii dear, mio tie binu mo jare. Oniranu kuku ni gbogbo won pata. They are just looking for toes to step on. Where have you been jare mii dear? I don miss you oo.

@iDELLA*BELLE,really? Waoh, that sounds Thanks for stopping by mii dear.

@Myne Whitmann, thanks dear..dem know sey me no send dem at all jare...Thanks

Sassy Trends said...

@iphyigbogurl,oh yeah they sure can be really annoying and nasty. thanks luv.

@Fabulo-la,lmao!!! Far more better mii,thanks

@TRYBES, thanks my guy.xoxo

@Thank you

Anonymous said...

lol this wouldnt happen to have anything to do with the new gossip blog is it? small small oh babe...shey ur fine sha?

Sassy Trends said...

New gossip blog?
Never heard of that funny enuff...
Anyway, thanks mii dear

Natasha said...

Now this is hot!
Who are they and why are they troubling my Sassy oo?

No mind them o my dear, na envy cause am.
Pele and just take things easy sogbo?!

Lhinkoln said...

What is happening in here?
Why all these tough words believe me I had to go back to my Dictionary girl.

This most be serious.
Dont let them get at you Sassy, just burst their side.
Take care.

Blowing Blessings Your Way said...

hmm...i feel u! sometimes ppl can make u sick! But hey...u can't control how other ppl act, so brush it off..

P'sy-A-wana said...

scratches head and thinks (do i want to leave a comment),wth aren't we all screwed that is

Sassy Trends said...

@Lhinkoln, lol at you going back to your diko.
What for ke?lmao!!!!
Abeg no kill me with laffter joor...Thanks all the way dear

@BBYW, thanks dear. Your name is quite lengthy. I have to shorten it ni o, hope you no minD?

@P'sy-A-wana, oh yeah we are all screwed jare.
Need I say more.
Thanks for stopping by...

Anita C. McCants said...

I read your post out loud
and my 21 year old daughter
is on the same page as you

My 17 year old son thoought
this post was funny. But he

I know things will get better.
Keep your head up Sassy. :~)

Sassy Trends said...

Oh my dear anita, thanks so much.
How are they all doing my dear?

Thanks for stopping by today.

Olufunke said...

The babe don vex o!
Who pissed you off like this?
Sorry, I guess someone you calla friend has just betrayed you.

I agree with EMilia....ashumans, we misbhave, we gossip and do all sorts,

Please , take it easy

histreasure said...

that's life, girl..i always look at it this way,their life must be pretty dull (and mine exciting, of course) for them to obsess with me..that way, u can rise above the talks and not be bothered..
i hope whoever it is has read it, and i hope ur heart is in a beta place now that u've let it out..
thanks dearie, for the goodwill and prayers for my little girl


oooh weee..tell 'em why you mad!

Did someone find your blog and say something? Na wetin happen?

babe, don't allow people to throw you and your emotions off. They are never worth it. Keep doing you. Dem no fit...

Anonymous said...

wow! hope you're ok! people sometimes (sigh).

Miss Odukoya xx said...

Dannnggg!!! Somebody pushed sassy's wrong button...
But yea soo true..Like people need to quit trying to get into other people's lives and focus on thier own..
Hope your good though?

Sassy Trends said...

@Olufunke, lol... ssee werrin people go make you do oo, I vex true
How you dey sha? We've not been seeing you around ooo, kilo nsele?
Shey owapa sha?

@histreasure, exactly, theirs must be dull and mine really exciting for them to take out blooddy time to study mine and go
Thanks for stopping by hun....xx

@Solomonsydelle, oh yeah mii dear... just gotta keep being me ni ooooo...thanks for stopping by. xx

@Nwanyi, yep and perfectly okay. Thanks mii dear.xx

@Mis.Odukoyaxx, Im good hun and thanks for stopping by, been a while though.

Chi-Chi said...

I agree with you, people don’t seem to mind their business at all. I can’t believe how nosey people to get in others business, I think it’s rather disgusting.

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