Monday, August 10, 2009



Kokolette Chidinma Mbalaso (CHIDINMA)

Age: 20

Occupation: Student (University of Abuja)

Kokolette Shona Merenu (SHONA)

Age: 23

Occupation: freshly graduated from the Imo State University


Kokolette Rita Isoken Igbinedion (RITA)

Age: 19

Occupation: Student


Kokolette Bolanle Okhiria (BOLANLE)

Age: 21

Occupation: Student [Lagos State University]

Despite the controversies Kokomansion had stirred in the past few weeks on air, the "Playboy mansion" look alike reality Tv show has come to an end and the least expected of the kokolets barged the much coveted "Kokolet" title. (Or D'banj's
The reality show which have obviously failed in winning the hearts of naijas and the world as a whole has completed its term and even though so many negative things had been said about it, so many people still stayed glued to their HiTv to watch it without missing any bit throughout its term on
We all hope it gets better in years to come anyway - incase the koko master is considereing a second series.



Writefreak said...

I didn't watch any part of the show so i can't really comment...
how're you doing?

Sassy Trends said...

I'm fyne jare o baby.
You didnt watch ke?
Me I watched o even though the thing give me terrible head and heart aches...but all


Fabulo-la said...

Im a lil surprised that Rita was beaten..
How r u o Sassy?

Sassy Trends said...

My poor Rita, funny enuff ve ot peeps that actually voted for her.
Na so o, im great..thanks for stopping by.


Natasha said...

Tot she is Genevieve Nnnaji o, she sure does have a face like hers not until i saw the name.
I have started wondering how Genevieve go dey inside kokomansion all this while wey I no know.
I think she is not the too loud type and she looks good too.

Sassy Trends said...

No doubt she looks good.
A kind of pure natural beauty...hmnn

PYS said...

Oh pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Enuff of this Sassy!
No more on Kokomansion abeg!

Sassy Trends said...

hahahahahaha... na wetin o PYS?
hehehehehe...see me see wahala ooo peopleon blogsville......

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