Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Sticky Stickers

I love stickers and I love to share every captivating and intriguing one I come across. This is one that still lingers and I can't help but post it for you all to dissolve in and meditate hard on. It speaks.....

This is my message to you all as you round up today.
We all have our ups and down and left and right like a naughty colleague of mine would say but hey... tomorrow is another day.
It's worth looking unto with great hope and aspirations.
Enjoy the rest of the evening and have a wonderful rest.




akaBagucci said...

This is a totally well made point!

Naija bad boi.... said...

sassy...u just spoke to me meeehn...cos ryt short today wasnt just easy meeehn...thanx...

Anonymous said...

nice one

miss.fab said...

Ah this would be relevant to me... except I didn't do shit today. Hehe. Oh well I'll save that thought for tomorrow!

Lol at absurdities. Such a strange word.

TRYBES said...

Very Cheerful..

chayoma said...


Sassy Trends said...

@akaBagucci, oh yea it is ..thanks dear

@Naija badboi, you are welcome.
Im feeling like waohhhh.... 'cos it is a good feeling to reach out to people who ends up needing just that.
You made my day too dear.

@leggy, thanks

@miss.fab, oh yeah mii dear, a strange world if you may say. Thanks for stopping by.xx

@TRYBES, glad it was for you.xx

@chayoma, really?!!!
Now you made my day.xx

Tairebabs said...

love the sticker. No regrets after a day's work or decisions.

Sassy Trends said...

HMNNN, sure mii dear.
thanks for stopping by

Natasha said...


Sassy Trends said...

Thanks Natasha.
And thanks for stopping by.

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