Wednesday, August 12, 2009

T.W.O: Not quitting!

Are they quitting music? Are they returning to TV full time? Just when speculation about their purported exit from music to TV was gaining grounds, Nigeria’s number one showbiz couple, Tunde and Wunmi Obe is back with a new song and they are definitely serving it up.
Titled “ZOMBIE”, Tunde Obe announced to surprised media practitioners this week that new song is for the love-sick folks because it is a song that has to do with two people who are in love and can’t do without each other.
The announcement did not only declare that the duos are back for good, it also brought to fore that those speculating that they had quit music for TV were very wrong.

“We have not left music. Music is our first love, we have been recording new song and in fact we are ready to roll, we are too legit to quit, we won’t do that to our fans, we owe it to them and we can’t leave them hanging” Wunmi Obe said as if to assure worrying fans who have besieged her with enquiries since news broke that the couple were calling it quits with music.
The new single was produced by Sean Keyz. The title of the forthcoming album has not been announced yet. According to their publicist Ayeni Adekunle, “All those other details will be known soon. All we just want to do now is let people know that contrary to widespread speculations, these couples we all love so much are not quitting music. Not now, not tomorrow, not ever.”

T.W.O started as lead singers in a campus band “Turning point” in the 80s, and got popular nationwide with their popular weekly television performance on the Charly Boy Show and Zoom tine.
Zombie is T.W.O’s first material since their monstrous hit “Mogbomoya” which established them as “A bridge between the old and the new school”.




Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i love those two people..

Trybes said...

Two legit to quit--Love them to bits and a shinin example to youths out there..

Miss Odukoya xx said...

OMGooosh!! I remember them...they were really good

Sassy Trends said...

@trybes, oh yeah...
@odukoya xx, yeah, they are luv


downtheaisle said...

there are still rocking it! that's coold

Sassy Trends said...

@downtheaisle, oh yeah, they are still together and rocking it big
Apparently, they are the top hottest showbiz in

Natasha said...

TWO rocks like

Myne Whitman said...

I always come here to be updated on the naija scene. Now I can add you to my blogroll.

Can one find the new T.W.O. music online?

afrocouture said...

I love that they are still together and doing their thing.

I rmember him in singing in one episode of "MBGN"

unguardedheart said...

hmmmm!!!SassyDBN lol.............Thanks love for taking pains to blog all these,its 4 someborry like me 2 know

unguardedheart said...

hmmmm!!!SassyDBN lol.............Thanks love for taking pains to blog all these,its 4 someborry like me 2 know

Sassy Trends said...

Oh yeah, Natasha... they rocklike ..hmn

@Myne Whitman, thanks Myne dear, sure you can always find, will brief you on that soon and would be so glad to check out your blog too.

@afrocouture, sure why not? That is one thing that baffles everyone and that is why they are the most celebrated couple on the showbiz scene. Where have you been anyway? Missed you oo

No kill me with laffter abeg oo..
Thanks deear, aw have you been?

Lhinkoln said...

TWO has obviously come a long way.
I wish them well and hope they keep it up because so many celebriy couples are no more like the Amatas and Kaffy.

WIsh them more great things and advising them to keep the matrity level that has keot them going on to the peak.
How are you today madam Sassy?

PYS said...

TWO are so awesome.
That's all I can say but I think they should just try to put more effort in their music careeer, their songs rarely do well or top charts.

Sassy Trends said...

Lhinkoln, I am doing fine thanks you mii dear.
@PYS, hmnn.. I agree with you on that, I think this is because they do other things aside music hence they don't give a 100% attention to their music career.
Well said.
Thanks for stopping by

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