Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Come Learn more on Investment...

Boobs flaunting actress, Cossy Orjiakor widely believed to be an epitome of indecency is not a moralist. But here, she’s counselling her teeming fans concerning the need for them to begin to invest their wealth in something that will prosper them in future.

Orjiakor is saying that investing in fixed asset pays more than anything else. And she’s therefore, stopping at nothing to acquire as many hectares of land as her money can buy for her in choice places in Abuja, Ikoyi and Lekki areas of Lagos.

Right now, the queen of boobs can boast of possessing varied plots of land in areas like Kuja, Maraba, all in Abuja, and of course, in Lekki, in Lagos. “I can’t tell how much I bought each of my property but, I have property in Lekki, and 12 plots of land in Kuja, Abuja as well as a plot of land at Maraba.” she said, in a text message she sent to a reliable source.

Orjiakor, whose alleged sex scandal with a dog in a movie has continued to take a toll on her personality said, while her property are not for sale, she cannot ascertain the actual market value of those property going by the emerging market trend.

‘I hope my fans should be talking to their lawyers concerning the need to develop interest in investing in fixed assets. That way, they can never go wrong.” she advised.



Natasha said...

First on this.

Cossy again?
She's certainly looking towards being on the helm of affairs abi?
Always wan to be on the face of the camera, well, good thing she has enough sense to invest, it shows she is not as dumb headed as she has shown to all before.

Anonymous said...

I can see she is still baring them all even in their very poor state.

Sassy Trends said...

Why is everyone saying something a bit negative about Cossy.
Dears, even if she has erred a couple of times, I think we should be able to embrace her and learn from her Investment advice.

Thanks for stoppiong by Natasha and Anonymous.
Much luv..x

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