Monday, September 07, 2009

Sassy's "Never Rules"

Howdy do Blogsville...
See what I have become on a Monday morning ooo, was just getting rid of the junks on my disk drive when I saw so many copies of the "Works of my hands" I have never been a counsellor ooo and I'm not looking forward to being one either, but I think I should share this 'cos I believe it would help someone out there. They are just tips for you and ofcourse guys can learn from this too. Thinking of creating another label maybe I go call that one "Sassy Counsel"

Okay, probably he has changed like a chameleon within minutes! Never you assume things are okay. Men are more like books with pages that needs to be studied thoroughly! You should be able to know your man to an extent that you can clearly decode every twist of his face and can even predict his action before he takes them.
That’s how simple they are… now see me talking like a pro…lol
But to be candid, that is the fact.
If he tells you lies, you must know, if he sleeps outside, thou must know as well.. just stare into those eyes and you will see so many things he is not saying and so many secrets he is not telling so start searching for evidence….lol (No follow me ooo)
And if you sense trouble and decide to keep mum, you are on your own.
Bottom line, “Don’t ever assume everything is okay”

We all are guilty of this right?
Oh yeah he said he loves me, he said he can’t just think of living without me, he said this… he said that… Thou fool!
Men like it easy you know, they so like life easy and if they can scale through the hurdles of procedures, they won’t mind.
You better make him responsible ‘cos only you have the power to.
But really if you want to keep doing the occasionally sleep over’s, occasionally free fucks, free laundry, free meals and dishes and free “so many other things” in spite of seeing tale tell signs it’s not getting you anyway, when issue starts to rise, don’t complain!

I use to wonder why we ladies are never satisfied with anything.
We want more of it all abi I lie... (More sex, More money, More TLC, More magas and Aristos, probably more toasters and more wahala) Don’t even deny that!
It is not our fault really, it is just the nature we are formed in.
But where the wahala comes from, is looking unto him and making him look like the Mr.Jehovah Jireh like without him supplying your needs in his riches in glory, yu won't breathe…

If you want no listen o.

I don’t know what you may think of this and I’m not interested in what you may think either.
One thing is sure, Facebook has been more like an hidden disaster in the relationships of so many ignorant victims and so are other online sites too.
One just have to be very careful and watch it.

Looks like he told you everything about him shey? Okay ooo… swallow it hook, line and sinker and don’t verify ooo….
Men are quite funny and believe me by the time you see the real him, you will definitely not like what you see cause you have fallen in love with the fake him.

Code and decode…. Don’t get me twisted up in this...

I think I really need to do more on this…lol
If you think sey you fine, another babe fine pass you o..infact let me site my working place as an example… by the time wowo babes baff up for you ehn.. you go dey look and drool even as a lady ooo…damn!
Tush up girlfriend, tighten the tighten-able’s’… tone the tone-able's', push up the push up-able's'… ko si arugbo ni Ghana oo.
If in places like Abuja, 60 year old women like Senator Ita – giwa are listed as the top ‘most sexy’ babes… yeah right..quote me ..’MOST SEXY BABES’… then werrin twenties like we dey look biko?
Make him spend that money even if he spends a quarter on other babes, let him spend more than half on you. No more dry stories like “I no get money” abeg, if he no wan spend am other guys would ooo so you better do him the favor of making him spend it. Oh yeah it is a favor!

No biffing ooo, just tell me what you 'al think.

Enjoy your day
Luv you all loads.




rayo said...

True Talk girl. no tellin ur girls every thin, no tellin him evritn. facebook? hell no!
gr8 post! if only we al followed these pointers. lol. its just so hard sumtyms

Sassy Trends said...

you know I kept falling victims a thousand and one times over....e no dey easy


Good post, I like never tell your girlfriend everything, I am still working on this. I am getting way better now since I am getting married.
Also never take your look for granted, this is so true, especially when we are going out together. It always makes him happy when I look hot, infact he is proud and he shows me off.

downtheaisle said...

lol @ If in places like Abuja, 60 year old women like Senator Ita – giwa are listed as the top ‘most sexy’ babes… yeah right..quote me ..’MOST SEXY BABES’… then werrin twenties like we dey look biko?


Fabulo-la said...

Most sexy babes?
Ogaa o

Sassy dear how are you?

blogoratti said...

I breathe and live that list...

Sassy Trends said...

@September good for you o my darlen...things like that are

@downtheaisle, I dey fine so nah...

gaskia na true ooo...hmnn

@blogratti, im lost oo...wat list?

Nice Anon said...

lol@ Sassy and Blogoratti.. The list you have put up na. Anyways a lot of folks are extremely childish when it comes to Facebook. Na wa!

Sassy Trends said...

More than childish my dear...xx

iphyigbogurl said...

and i wanted to be first oh!!!!!!!
the list makes sense.
ita giwa... sexy babes???
hia!!! ok oh.... na so we see am

BSNC said...

the list makes sense to me. Our counsellor in the making.

Oya come and counsel me. you see what happened was... nothing

how you dey.

Anonymous said...

My dear I feel you on some of the points ooo.

Facebook....Facebook. enough said.
moving in: I learned first hand from a family friend when she was still courting. She said the best thing about having her own house was being able to go back to it.
Taking care of yourself--enough said and yeah, I have heard men argue that senator Ita Giwa is the shizzle.
As for telling your girlfriends--as one of my favorite pastors would say "dont bring your girlfriends home or make them rub up to your guy if you dont yet have the guy on lockdown"

great post, Now let me go to the next on the list

Myne Whitman said...

Gems all of them. I rock these your rules girl! Tone all the toneables, etchetram LOL

Original Mgbeke said...

And if this aint the TRUTH. Nice one!

Tigeress said...

u sure sound like a pro. I shall be coming to u for advice- nah? :):)

histreasure said...

those rules rock girl..really..
if girls would follow half of the rules, they'll be a lot less drama abt guys

Sassy Trends said...

@iphy, gaskia na so we see am

@naijagirl, well said baby... where have you been by the way?
I dey wait for tomorrow's TGIF series ooo...xx, e no good ni?
some stufs need to be toned back in na.

@Original Mgbeke, thanks luv.

@Tigeress, advice from me to you ke..mbano ooo!
Should be the reverse nah, omode ni mi mode mo agba ni agaba. xx

@histreasure, oy yeah..xx

unguardedheart said...

lol @ all the rules................but true words they all are.......gaskia!!!!
Facebook? facebook? ah! i no fit shout.........
rofl @ senator ita giwa, sexiest babe ah!!!!!! igd!!! so werrin me doing here feeling like a babe wen mama60 is even better recognised...
Ama try to learn d rule of not telling ur guy/gals everythin i think its key......but peeps like us dt like to yarn, its not easy to keep 2 da rule....God help me

Sassy Trends said...

LOL.thanks for stopping by unguarded heart... God help us all o..

*Dith* said...

True talk girly!

Sassy Trends said...

yeah dith.

Thanks for stopping by.

Lhinkoln said...

Sassy the counsellor, figure that out.
Won't mind coming over for regular counseling every now and then.

Nice post girl. Really nice

Sassy Trends said...

lol. Thanks Lhinkoln.. hahahahaha...I will be ever ready to give you my counsel ooo nnah mehn!

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