Friday, September 25, 2009


No doubt BASKET MOUTH gat my ribs cracking at this
Enjoy this, you're all gonna love this..

Howdy Blogsville?
Been a while isn't it?

Sassy has been a bit uptight and very busy this week but at least I still manage to do one update even if nah one post.

*Check out Moi's new add on.. mahhh
See as I dey talk am as if the song there pass
Saw this on Tisha's blog and I got hooked instanta...
Would still be topping up my list really..but guess what... Asa's "THE PLACE TO BE" got me no doubt and I'm copy copying (yes I be copy copy) GTBank to make it my Blog's Anthem... and the lyrics is right beneath it so have fun with me guys....
And open your mind to great possibilities...

Off to my favourite blogs dem, let's see what's going on...

Love you all loads





histreasure said...


where u been girl? hope you've not joined the bandwagon of those twitter has taken

Basketmout eh, the guy is funny.. and making it big too.he's one of the best and unarguably , the most popular.

muyiwa said...

nice one sassy,basket mouth kill it here

Sassy Trends said... so glad you guys dey feel am..oooo

Histreasure, I don pretend reach for that twitter no gbadun am one bit jare...
Even to log on self dey do me
So twitter no fit take me go nada!lol

hey muyiwa hi, me dey love your blog the more oooo...

Anonymous said...

ive actually watched it over and over again.

Myne Whitman said...

Been a while, how you dey? Basket mouth is my fav, very funny guy.

Anonymous said...

that was a good one, but i dont think its his original joke. I have heard some igbo comedian use that years ago.

my dear, no dey over work yourself ooo. na sofry sofry. have a wonderful weekend

cici said...

basket mouth wkmd ooo....
and i love Asa shes very mellow and very talented...naija is doing big things

Tigeress said...

heard this before and it is still hilarious!

Sassy Trends said...

@Leggy, yes dear.. thought as much 'cos it's been in circulation for a while now.
Just tot of sharing 'cos some haven't..
Aw you dey dear?xx

@Myne, im fyne oo myy dear.
thanks for stopping by.xx, really?!
I go take am softly jare iyan mi.. na who no wan chop life to its peak?xx

Yeah asa is the bomb jare... she is indeed one of a kind..

@Tigeress, you bet.
Thanks for stopping by.

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