Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I really want to share this...

Biko... Blog ville come see oo..
A very good friend of mine decided to pick me and make me one of his numerous students ni o and you can't imagine what he taught me... slangs... as in Naija Hawtest slangs...

This is really humorous, and believe me it's been like months now since I've had this stocked in somewhere on my drive but I never still learn am finish.
Maybe posting it on my blog page will somehow help...abi?

Oya make una cum learn Naija top 50 slangs for proudly naijassss.... and if you don't know/or never heard at least five of this slang before, then maybe we should start questioning the naija blood flowing through your veins..lol


1. LWKM - Laugh wan kill me
2. LWKMD - Laugh wan kill me die
3. MIDG - make i dey go
4. WGYL - we go yarn later
5. IGA - I gbadun am
6. ICS - I can't shout
7. DJM - Don't jealous me
8. WBDM - Who born d maga
9. UDC - U de craze
10. NUS - Na u sabi
11. WSU - who send u
12. OSABZ - over sabi
13. ITK - I too know
14. WDH - wetin dey happen
15. NDH - nutin dey happen
16. FMJ - free me jo
17. BBP - bad bele people
18. HUD - how u dey
19. WKP - waka pass
20. BBG - baby girl
21. KKL - Kokolette
22. MML - mamalette
23 GFF- Gbono fe le fe le (e.g., she GFF)
24. NTT - Na true talk
25. IKU - It koncain u?
26. NDM - no dull me
27. LGT - let's goo there
28. IFSA - I for slap am
29. IGDO - I go die o
30. YB - Yess boss
31. NLT - No long thing
32. 2GB - 2 gbaski
33. CWJ - carry waka jorh
34. WBYO - wetin be your own
35. U2D - U 2 do
36. U2DV - U 2 dey vex
37. MKG - maka gini?
38. WSDP - who send dem papa
39. INS - i no send
40. INFS - i no fit shout
41. WWY - who wan yarn
42. NBST - no be small thing
43. NWO - na wah oooooo
44. NMA - no mind am
45. MIHW - make i hear word
46. NBL - no be lie
47. NB? - na beans?
48 wd - wetin dey
49. UNGKM - u no go kill me
50. o2s - omo 2 sexy




Rita said...

LOL, Hmmm, our Nigerian dictionary is being updated...when did kokolette and mamalette come out?

histreasure said...

so i'm this 'up-to-date', i seem to kno them all -lol-
didn't know they'd been compiled into a 'dictionary' tho..

Myne Whitman said...

This is me Omo2sexy Hehehe. I've seen that before and it always makes me laugh. LWKMD.

Trybes said...

This is too gbaskii sassy! Creativity at its best! Nice one mhen..

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

hey thanks for the update...gotta add that to my list :)

shade said...

i love naija now....see slangs.....i don learn oh.......

Sassy Trends said...

@Rita..haba1 you dy dz world so?
This na recently updated thingy oo...abeg kokolette and mamalette don follow setting enta..lol
Thanks for stopping by hun..xx

@Histreasure hun, thumbs up ooo..lol
You are current..lol.xx

@Myne...oh yeah!..lol

@Trybes thanks egbon...ori mi nwu ooo..lol.xx

@Leggy, yeah ryt!
I don put am for ur moouth ko?lmao!

@Oyin, you're welcum hun.anytime..xx

Shade..lol...you're welcum hun..

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