Wednesday, September 30, 2009

MTN Project Fame II

Mike Anyasodo the 26 year old undergraduate student of Ambrose Alli University, has emerged winner of MTN Project Fame season 2.
On Sunday 28th of September 2009, Mike fought off tough competition from his fellow final 5 contestants: Liberian Nicholas Buigar, Madonna Robinson, Tomiwa Sangonuga and Krimi Johnson.

The 2nd season of MTN Project Fame commenced on the 19th of July, since then, the contestants have been groomed for stardom by the academy’s team of coaches and advisers.
They had been performing each week for the televised broadcast as contestant after contestant was eliminated from the competition. Congrats to Mike! As his prize, he receives a N2.5 million cheque, a Toyota RAV 4 and a 1 year recording contract. Nicholas Buigar, the first runner-up, won N1.5 million and a Toyota Corolla; Tomiwa Sangonuga, the second runner-up won N1 million and a Toyota Yaris, while Krimi Johnson, the third runner-up got N1 million



Anonymous said...

where is the dude from?

Myne Whitman said...

Congrats to Mike. Too bad I can't keep it anymore with htese shows but I guess he's good.

muyiwa said...

Congrats to the guy,but dont be surprise if you dont hear anything about him again in the music scene,he has to tighten his belt and not let the little success get to his head cos we ve a lotta good artiste in the industry now

Geebee said...

Hmmm I continually hope I could be the one holding those mega cheques someday, you know wha' I mean. Nice blog. Should be back asap. Thanks for checking into mine.

BSNC said...

congrats to the winners. i didn't even know there were doing any project fame. talkless of project fame II. I heard about the new BBA though.

How you dey jare..

histreasure said...

really didn't follow it this time..stil, congrats to the dude..
hope he stil gets to finish school o and not let everything enter his head.

Dr. Otefe said...

really didn't follow this time but I hope he is better than the first i.e Iyaya.
Love the background music on your blog.

Fabulo-la said...


Ive missed u!
How now?

Anonymous said...

Sassy mi...i see i am not the only one who hasnt updated her blog. how you dey my dear?
come update quick quick

histreasure said...

Sassy dearie..whatsup..almost a month now..i de miss you o..hope all's good sha.
take care and come back for good

townncrier said...

Nice to see MTN spending money on our kids.Can't wait for your next post.

Sassy Trends said...

@Leggy, gaskia me self no but he sha won..xx

@Myne, oh yeah he doubt about that...

@Muyiwa, abi ooo...that's aw it
Funny aw things work that way my dear..I think it's all a case of destiny...

@Geebee, you're welcome sweerie, will do that often anyway.
Tak gud care. hear you..lmao!
I'm fyne ojare..xx

@histreasure...abi o, you see that one talk

Sassy Trends said...

Thanks @Dr Otefe...thanks for stopping by.. I think I second your point on very true...

@Fabulo-la, missed you too hun.. I'm plannig a cum

@naijagirl hun, abi
I don throw one today of aw I missed you
More to come dv..
Thanks jare baby..will double up and land on your blog soon..xx

@Histreasure, hmnn na so I c am oo..
Thanks hun, how have you been?xx

@Towncrier, thanks for stopping by..xx

Sassy Trends said...


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