Monday, September 14, 2009

The One I call MAN

Thou hath been created to be reverenced and honored
Thou hath been created to be a Lord in thy terrain and upon thy Land
Thou hath been build up to stand firm and be a shadow that covers and protect many
Thou hath been formed to be looked unto and to be A shield to so many…
That is HE that I call MAN

Though you are not a god ‘cos you’re still Human
You are not exempted from those who make mistakes
You are not permitted to Lord it over me – a weaker vessel
In all your glory and majesty – You are to love me and cherish me
That is HE that I call MAN

Your weaknesses… I know
Your grieve… I perceive
Your fears and trials… I bear secretly with you
But I’m I to share with the world O’ MAN?

I will hide from the world that which I know as your weaknesses
I will cover and take it upon me to nurture and polish so it can be your strength O’MAN
I will grieve with you even though it’s done in fear O’MAN
‘Cause your sleepless nights and your unshed tears I can feel with panic in my soul O’MAN

And for your fears? They are my fears O’MAN
They are the unseen chords that binds us in dry bitter twist My MAN
They tear through our skin…deep into our tones of flesh and they cause us so many pains O’MAN
Yet… they are our fears and our unknown tomorrow….
They are our stepping stones to a brighter future O’MAN

Our trials are our triumphs O’MAN
They will make us soar higher than the Eagle My MAN
They are our victory over shame O’MAN
They are permitted ‘cos they can only give us hints to a glorious future.

So I won’t….. My MAN
I won’t stand back to watch the World mock you…
‘Cos you are to be honored and to be greatly revered
I won’t stand to watch the World giggle behind your back
I will turn the other way and tell of your good sides they don’t know

‘Cos you were never born perfect My MAN
And I aint looking for a Perfect MAN either
But he that will complement my weakness with His strength and my strength with his weakness
You are the one I call MAN
And MAN you will ever be to me - WOMAN



Anonymous said...

lol...did u write that?

shade said...

yes oh they will neva be is really it

cici said...

wow...this is really good..if this is intend for a particular guy then that guy is a lucky...nicely written


Hmmmm, I like

Fabulo-la said...

Come are these your vows?

Myne Whitman said...

Nice one, I like it. No one is perfect I agree.

Sassy Trends said...

@Leggy, yep I

@Shade, thanks mii dear

@cicieko, thanks mii luv.

@SEPTEMBER, you did?

@Fabulo-la, vows ke?
Dont get that really...

@Myne, thanks.

Anonymous said...

very i permited to share it on my FB profile with refernce to ur blog? thanks in advance

Sassy Trends said...

Sure Anonymous, why not?
Click on the share button below the post and do.


Lhinkoln said...

This is meant for me, no doubt.



Sassy Trends said...


Tigeress said...

oooh very nice SassyT. Very nice. :)

Sassy Trends said...

Thanks Tigeress...

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