Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Healthy Beauty foods...

We all know how it is with a lil' bit of junk food! sometimes it's just simply irrestible.... get what I'm saying right? And if you say you aint guilty, well maybe it only applies to

Anyway, I tried compiling a healthy food regime list and came up with these.

And believe me, if followed religiously, it sure does work wonders and keep you in a very good state of mind. It aids and promotes good health too.

So here we go....

1. Water
If you are really looking forward to a wrinkle and fine lines free skin, then I bet you water is it!
Water had been proven time and time again to be a plus to the skin. It keeps the skin hydrated and helps cells take up nutrients. It also purges out toxins and other dangerous stuffs you've got in your body system. And you know the way it is with a purged body system don't yah?.... It reflects on your skin.
Add at least eight cups of water to your everyday beauty regime and see your skin glow.

2. Beans
Beans are high protein vitamin-rich foods.
Besides, apart from being extremely low in fats, calories and sodium, they are high in complex carbohydrates and dietary fiber. They also offer a wholesome amount of essential fatty acid eg soyabeans with a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids.

3. Onions and Garlics
I hate garlics! Can't even bare the smell of it!!! But I use it more as a spice than just something I peel and pop into my mouth....yuck!!!
But on a candid note, Onions and Garlics are more than just spice.
They do a lot more good to the body than just making the meat spicy!
Garlic and Onions helps the liver eliminate toxins. They contain flavonoids that stimulate the production of gluthathione in the liver. Glutathione enhances elimination of toxins and carcinogens hence they are quite effective in preventing cancer of any kind.
So if you think it is yulk eating garlic and onions like moi, well...maybe you have to do a rethink..lorl

4. Nuts
Walnuts, hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds, cashew nuts, groundnuts, almond nuts and the list goes on...
Like seriously, nuts are just incredible!
Not only do they have this delightful taste, they work magic as well...
Research has shown that Nuts contain essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) Omega 3 and Omega 6 fats which are very good for the heart.
They also contain Vitamin E which help shield your skin from the damage that can be done by the sun. Vitamin E is also an anti-inflammatory and immunity enhancer.
Nuts can also be associated to shiny hair, vibrant eyes, healthy heart and lower cholestrol.
*Raw, unsalted nuts are the best and it is also advisable to eat them in moderation because some can cause an outbreak of acne on facial skin.

5. Tomatoes
Tomatoes contains Vitamins (A, C and E) and they provide the greatest amount of lycophene which is an anti oxidant that protects the skin against the sun's damaging rays.
*Consuming tomatoes in their processed form is just as good as consuming them raw if not even better...
So keep scooping them in - your mouth ofcourse!

6. Fruits/Vegetables/Greens
Fruits are simply amazing!
They do a thousand and one goods to the body than you can ever imagine...
Fruits are filled with antioxidants and vitamins that helps prevent and slow down the damage done to the body cells by free radicals. Hence, they slow down the ageing process in our body that is accompanied with wrinkles and dry skin.
Other good sources of Vitamins include Leafy green, carrots and orange. They keep your skin supple, smooth and protect it against sun damage.
Cucumber can help reduce excess fat deposits in the body system just like pineapples. Cucumber is being used by beauticians this days to reduce the fat deposits in abs most especially, it can also be effective in purging the entire body.


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