Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Kelly Hansome's diss track: What Naija Stars are saying...

MI’s former manager, Godwin Tom said ‘(MI) Abaga will not respond i’m sure! he knows better.You don’t fight a child you can beat. it’s pointless!‘ but he was proven wrong as MI took to twitter to make a response:

#10 (ten things to do after kelly hansome disses you): wonder why ‘kelly rowland’ is dissing you and why she sounds like a nigerian man

#9 (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you): refer to show promoters as ‘Maga’ making phrase maga don pay.. Relevant and correct to self!

#8 (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you) rewrite fast money fast cars.. Calling it.. Fast money fast cars;the fab life of kelly hnsme!

#7: (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you): collect all future awards saying.. I don’t deserve kelly hansome here(he is not!)

#6 (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you) promise world 2 grow taller; seek out height doctor, or taller shoes e.g goth shoes 4rm camden

#5: (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you): write open apology to kelly hansome, post on sayng sorry 4 being succesful

#4 (10steps after kelly hansome disses u): wear fake mustache for a month, disguise self, song is prolly so hot and everyone will know it!!

#3 (ten steps after kelly hansome disses you): attend recovery group of artists recuperating after their own disses, eg..mohits, terry g etc

#2 (Ten steps after kelly hansome disses you): Listen to song over and over till you know all lyrics and can appreciate artistry in song

#1: (ten steps after kelly hansome disses u): Remember.. You are still beautiful.. And God and ur parents love you still..

Needless to say, anyone following MI that day was clearly entertained. 2shotz hasn’t said anything yet, but you never know. Wande Coal’s video for “Who Born The Maga” will be dropping soon, and who is to say there wont be a small jab here or there, esp with all this stuff going on.

To cap it all off, T-Money released his diss track to Kelly Handsome titled “Warning Shots.” T-Money goes hard on the track, and stands up for MI, the mo-hitts crew and Kennis Music.

Talk about recovery and a response. It was also revealed that none of those dissed are taking Kelly Hansome serious as Don Jazzy confessed he use the first diss track from Kelly Hansome – Igwe kom kom as his ‘ringtome for a bit’.

Kelly Hansome earlier dissed Wande Coal, d;banj and Terry G in igwe kom kom.

Recently he released a track where he dissed M.I., Chocolate City, 2 shotz, Kenny ogungbe and reinforces diss at Mo Hits in the track titled ‘Catch Me If You Can’ and only recently releasing a follow up to ‘Igwe kom kom‘ directed at the Mo Hits again diss called ‘Who Born The Maga (La La Low)’ .

Source: Question Mark Magazine



onosetale(damsel) said...

ok, kelly handsome is getting wack now...he needs to go sit down some where with his 'yankee' accent LMAO!!!

2cute4u said...

This totally 'crawzy'!

Myne Whitman said...

I'm sure it's hot on twitter now, lol.

Sassy Trends said...

@damsel, lorl...e hear you o..lmao

@2cute4u, absolutely...

@Myne, you bet..lorl

The Girl with the Red Hair said...

Twitter must be really hot now.
The dude is just catchinh trips

histreasure said...

lol..kelly hansome..of course, no one will take him seriously, he had better learn that the only way an artiste can be taken seriously is if he actually does what he should be doing i.e sing..lmao

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