Friday, April 23, 2010

Jackie Appiah in Fraud mess...

Jackie Appiah is said to be involved in a fraudulent mess with a Nigerian Movie Producer; Victor.
The pretty ghanian actress was said to have signed a movie contract with the said producer after being paid her full professional fees to play a lead role in a movie called "Buried Emotion"

However, not only did Jackie refuses to turn up, she also did not return the money she was paid. This act according to her co actor and actresses has been greatly condemned and can have a bad influence on her booming career as an actress.

Rumor later has it that the mother of one, Jackie Appiah who has been making waves in Nollywood as one of the most sought after actresses refused to go back to the set because the producer repudiate to employ Jackie's manager, Samira as the Costumier. In a fact-finding mission, efforts were made to talk to the characters involved in the whole saga but they both are not just in the right mood to talk about it, at least for now…


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