Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cheryl ditches Cole's surname

I really hoped this hot Celebrity Couples will get over their differences, tackle them and get back together again but hey... its really not looking like it anymore as Cheryl has now officially dropped the surname 'Cole'.

The sexy singer was this week publicly referred to by her maiden name 'Tweedy' for the first time since she filed for divorce from football star Ashley Cole.

According to The Mirror, Simon Cowell introduced his fellow TV judge at last Tuesday's 'X Factor' auditions by saying: "Who would like to hear from Cheryl... Tweedy. It is, now, isn't it?"

His remark prompted the 2,500-strong audience at London's ExCeL centre to scream and cheer.

Not only has the 26-year-old Girls Aloud singer filed for divorce, she is also reportedly planning to have her 'Mrs C' tattoo removed from the back of her neck.

Changing her surname back to Tweedy could, however, turn out to be an even more difficult task for her record label, as the star released her first solo album under the name Cole…




Anonymous said...

Am really getting fed up with all these celebrities marriages!...nobody is ready to put an effort to save it...they are more controlled by their lust...she should keep the tattoo ..maybe her next guy's name might start with 'C' never can tell!...hehehheheee

Sassy Trends said...

I think its the in-thing about marriages this dayz anyway...we hear more of theirs cos they are in our per celebritiez concern..

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