Thursday, June 17, 2010

This is weird!

Commercial sex workers in South Africa have complained about soccer fans at the on going world cup, whom they say are yet to meet their expectation.

According to the 'ladies of the night', they are yet to feel the presence of football fans who are at the world cup, since they are not patronizing their services as expected. To them, 'the soccer fans should not only see the world cup, but feel it as well.'

They explained that the soccer fans from the various countries do not take delight in socializing, which has really affected their activities and sales.

To them, the world cup is not about just watching football matches and sleeping in your hotels.

Supporters from countries like Ghana, for instance, spend most of their time at the stadium when the Black Stars is playing, and then at their Muzinda Residence, where they watch other matches on giant screen, amidst good music to dance to, with all sorts of drinks and indoor games available.



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The main features of basketball as first worked out by Mr. Naismith have been retained, although many changes and additions in minor details have been introduced from time to time. In the beginning the game was played with 9 on a side; a little later the number was reduced to 7, and later to 5. The growth of interest in basketball has been phenomenal. For two or three years, the game was played almost exclusively in the gymnasiums of the Young Men's Christian Association; it was then taken up by the colleges, schools, and athletic clubs, and before 1900 was played in nearly every gymnasium in the country.

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