Thursday, June 24, 2010

Photo(s) of the day: OMG! Lady Gaga trips at Heathrow Airport

Lady Gaga loses her balance as she lands at Heathrow airport wearing super high platforms

The pop superstar is helped by one of her entourage as she hits the floor at Heathrow's arrivals hall - while amused onlookers take pictures

Gaga has an unsteady return to her feet after her embarrassing fall

The singer's outrageous outfit, seen from the front

The singer's outrageous outfit, seen from the back

This no doubt contributed to her fall.

Awww! So sorry Gaga!



Anonymous said...

lwkmd o!.......who send am message!...see dress abi na trouser?..someone called her overall apparel creative abi?...maybe dem dey 'HIGH' when they were designing it!

histreasure said...

lmao...i cldnt even begin to stifle d wasqutie a garish get-up she's got

Myne Whitman said...

Would I be a bad person if I laugh at her well well? LWKMD!!!

Mario Diego Garcia said...

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