Friday, June 18, 2010

Photo of the day: Weep Not Enyeama!

Nigeria's goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama (right) crying after the Super Eagles lost 1-2 to Greece during the Group B first round 2010 World Cup football match in South Africa yesterday.

Awww!!! No doubt he is the man of the match!
He did all he could... but can he actually do it all alone?

Well... our next match with South Korea and some other Mathematical miracles will loads of COMBINATION and PERMUTATION is going on right now.
Fact is, we have to win our next match else our Eagles will be coming back home ...*sob*

We still wish them all the best though...
Abi werrin man pikin wan do? lol....x


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Robbie said...

I was watching the game yesterday and I was so upset when Nigeria lost against Greece. I hope to see an African team go as far as possible. France is my team and let me and our entire country down. The US can still make it. I wish the Nigerian and all of the other african teams the best. I love this game.

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