Tuesday, June 29, 2010

OMG! Where has Naomi Campbell's hair gone?

Naomi Campbell revealed signs of serious hair loss on a fashion photo shoot in New York today

A quick fix!

And then here we go! Back to business..



gretel said...

It's gone back to it's creator,hope she doesn't follow suit so soon.
Her glory days are over,sad though.Tell her I know the right stuff for hair growth,like cow dung,worked for my great-granny.

Lara said...

Her hair looks scary, even my hair is not that bad

Sassy Trends said...

lmao @gretel..did I just read cow dung...rofl...


2cute4u said...

Na wa!
Is she okay?
This is some serious hair damage oh..
Or age?
Kai! This is horrible.

Anonymous said...

wow!...lol...she should go for GORIMAPA like me o!..fashion wigs de make many people fine sha..

Myne Whitman said...

wow, that is really bad. She should try tortoise shit, works all the time.

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