Monday, June 14, 2010

Chriatiano Ronaldo Heats Up Emporio Armani's New UnderwearAds

SEXY soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is causing quite a commotion with his newest ads for Emporio Armani.
Shot on location in Madrid, where the 24-year-old sex symbol also serves as a forward for Real Madrid, the sultry shots will make their global debut in July, appearing on billboards in major cities including New York, Los Angeles and London as well as online. Lucky ladies in Milan will be treated to an ad image from Armani Jeans featuring Cristiano this week on June 17th on a billboard on the Via Broletto. Come September, a short film and online commercial featuring Cristiano will also be released. Until then, we’ll let these hot images speak for themselves!

This is what I call HOTNESS!


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