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Read this bloggers and air your opinions, this is so saddening and trust MOI, I made sure it's well circulated on www before posting in here make nobody no come kobalise me ooo... no be on top here it take start.

Honourable Wale Alausa, representing Ijebu-Ode Constituency in the Ogun State House of Assembly, has said that Governor Gbenga Daniel forced him to take an oath in 2007 contrary to the report in the Nigerian Compass this morning.Reacting to the story, “Ogun 15 lawmakers on blood oath,” Hon. Alausa said it was a fabrication aimed at ridiculing his person and his colleagues in the house by Daniel and his agents.
He confessed that the photographs published by Compass today were genuine but were taken in 2007 inside Daniel’s Sagamu mansion and its environs when he was forced to take an oath before he could get the PDP ticket to the state House of Assembly.
The lawmaker said he and his colleagues (G15) never took any oath and neither did they visit any shrine in Ijebu-Igbo to take an oath, adding that it was pure blackmail by Daniel to stop the House from carrying out its oversight functions.

“The photographs on the front page of Compass today were truly mine but the story was fabricated. I was forced to take the photographs in Governor Daniel’s Sagamu home in 2007 when he forcefully implemented the oath on me in order to get me a ticket to the House of Assembly. And that is what he has done to everybody.
“Let him come out and deny, if he did not compel my father Chief Agboola Alausa to persuade me to take the oath. I rest my case for now. But the struggle continues,” he said.According to Compass, “the crisis in Ogun State involving G 15 members of the House of Assembly was triggered by a blood oath taken at a shrine in Ijebu-Igbo, Ijebu North Local Government, last year, the Nigerian Compass learnt last night.
“The members took the oath to ensure a united front against Governor Gbenga Daniel. The oath was sponsored by some politicians including the father of a prominent politician in Abuja, a Senator, a former South-West governor, a former minister and another prominent politician in Ogun State.”
The report added: “the oath, which was taken naked by the members and in daylight, was witnessed by the sponsors and the native doctors, the administrators of the oath.
“Items used for the oath included blood, cow heads, calabash and other fetish materials. Each participant swore to upholding opposition to Daniel at all times and submitted to the death of their first born, should they renege on the oath.“Each of them was required to mention the name of their first child in the course of the oath, setting in motion serious consequences for the children should their fathers go back on the prescribed course of opposition.“The Nigerian Compass learnt that the finality of this oath is why prominent traditional rulers such as the Awujale of Ijebuland, Oba Sikiru Adetona, the Alake of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo, the Akarigbo of Remoland, Oba Michael Sonariwo, and other prominent leaders such as Prince Bola Ajibola, General Tunji Olurin and Yeye Oodua H.I.D. Awolowo were unable to persuade them to change their stance.”

Here comes dah KOKOLETTES....

The much awaited D'banj's "Kokomasion" is finally on live and it kick started yesterday on HiTv.
Though it's just one day old on air, so many critics has trailed its concept and lucky contestants.
Hey! But nurrin mega sha as the thing has come to stay inspite of bad belles dem abi D'banj?
So tighten your girdle and sit tight 'cos this is just the begining of "The long thing".
Thanks to the ever resourceful site We have been able to find a list (detailed list) of the "Kokolettes" in the mansion and I really hope you can all air your opinions, views and hmnnn... here as well.
Enjoy peeps.

Kokolette Victoria Oloye (VICTORIA)

Age: 20

Occupation: Student

When this young lady said, “I need to prove to people that you don’t need to come from a wealthy family to succeed in life” - she was just summarizing her travails, and describing her ambitions in life. She wants her life to be an inspirational rags-to-riches story. She is determined to use her participation on the show to buttress her point. Her dreams are gigantic, channeled in many directions. To her it is an effective strategy for success, because then when one door closes, she opens up another one. Her many dreams include running a successful travel agency, producing international standard movies, and owning a video-vixen agency. In order to keep herself focused on the bigger picture, she’s had to stoop on many occasions to conquer – she’s run a street-side phone call centre, worked as a sales girl, and later became a waitress in a classy bar, before enrolling into the Nigerian Institute of Aviation and Maritime Studies. She cuts across as an emotional young lady with so much energy and determination to make the best out of the available options that life has presented her. Her strategy for success on the show is, “ to simply be me, because if the judges could find me interesting enough to shortlist me, then the public will also be impressed by the real me”.

Kokolette Shona Merenu (SHONA)

Age: 23

Occupation: freshly graduated from the Imo State University

Despite the fact that Shona disagrees that she’s a loud person, she admits that, “I don’t seek out attention intentionally, but I always end up attracting attention to myself”. She was more of a tom-boy growing up with three elder brothers, yet she feels that she was pampered as the last child in her family. She’s a very opinionated person who likes dictating what she wants to do, believing that nobody is capable of intimidating her. She hates rules, but does not always go out to break them; instead she looks out for loopholes in the rules that could work in her favour. “I’ve never struggled for anything in my life before, that’s why I want to struggle with eleven other beautiful ladies, because I need an experience to look back upon”, she says, going on to describe how she wishes to reconstruct people’s perception of her, “When people meet me, at first sight, they feel am a proud person with an attitude, and I want to correct this impression”She comes to the Koko Mansion on a mission to prove how deep she really is, while exposing her many talents which include knitting, sewing, hair braiding, and make-up. Not forgetting that this young lady has her eyes set on establishing a career in modeling and acting.

Kokolette Rita Isoken Igbinedion (RITA)

Age: 19

Occupation: Student

Probably the most emotional candidate in the mansion, Rita is a walking example of determination. Over the years, through experience, she’s learnt that the only way to succeed in life is to believe in your self 100%. “I came here because I want to get exposure, not necessarily because of the money, because if I represent myself well, the future will give me more money than the prize money”, she said, admitting that she intends to be caring to her fellow contestants, and guide them whenever they’re wrong. Coming from a very humble background has made her resolute in her pursuit to become successful. She believes her chances at the title are obvious, as she puts it, “I can prove myself as a woman because I know my left from my right”. Her ambition was inspired by an emotionally daunting experience a few years ago, when she was sent packing from school for her parents inability to pay her school fees – as she remembers, her dad was broke, and the rich folks she knew berated her for being poor instead of helping her with the required sum to pay her school fees – that incident introduced her to how cold the world was to the poor, “it was after this incident that I swore to myself that I was going to succeed in life”She comes to the mansion with the ability to tell emotionally gripping stories, and promises to be an interesting candidate.

Kokolette Rekana Sharon Ojong (REKANA)

Age: 23

Occupation: freshly graduated from the University of Calabar

She majored in Policy and Administrative Studies, yet her passion is deeply rooted in fashion. But if you think that being crazy about fashion is a denigrating attribute, then think again, because this young lady is on a mission, “I’m here to prove to people that I’m not just a beautiful person, but someone with enormous intelligence and depth”. Rekana’s childhood was not exactly a Cinderella story, “growing up was very difficult – I was raised by my dad alone because my mum left us when I was eight”. She grew up with four older brothers, and one sister, and as the case would be, she became a Tomboy, until she was rescued by a professional model who was involved with her dad, igniting her passion for fashion, and gradually grooming her into becoming a delectable young fashionista who’s left no trace of her tom-boy days. She decided to participate on this show because she loved the challenge of proving herself as an ideal Nigerian woman, “I like to be seen as a modern day woman who knows where she came from” she says, “from experience, I’ve been judged by my appearance, and for this reason, I want to advocate to people that they should not just look at a beautiful woman as a sex object”.This young lady believes in challenging challenges.

Kokolette Mary Osinachi Bruno (MARY)

Age: 21

Occupation: Student [Lagos State University]/ Business Woman

Mary describes growing up as fun, with a few tough times. Her nickname Sleek Chic best interprets her personality; having been raised in Lagos, she describes the incessant traffic on the roads as an inspiration that influenced a deep appreciation for promptness, swiftness, and accuracy in her actions through life. As a result, she’s learnt to act on her decisions quickly. She describes her parents as liberal disciplinarians, “they let you take your own decisions once they think it’s the right one”. According to her, she’s on this show just to live the life, and show Nigerians the kind of person she really is. She’s not really in for the money, but here because she wants to experience what it’s like to live in the same house with strangers – mix with other people from different backgrounds, since all her life, she’s never shared a house with persons other than her immediate family. She however states that, “the fact that I’ve not lived with other people doesn’t mean I don’t know how to live with people”.

Kokolette Lilian Ebehohon (LILIAN)

Age: 18

Occupation: Student (University of Benin)

Lilian is one of the youngest contestants on this show, yet she is by far one of the more imposing candidates. This young lady arrests your attention with her youthful “never let anyone or anything intimidate me” attitude; her zest for life is in fact highly infectious, as her demeanor gives away the fact that she’s determined not to be taken for granted as a result of her age. She summarizes her ideology with this smug line, “the youngest may be the smartest”. She considers herself outspoken and not loud, and she posits that, “I don’t like dull people; they always get me very angry”. She is very confident that she’s going to emerge victorious, “I know I have the qualities of the ideal Nigerian woman - amplified by my strong will”. She’s currently nursing a career ambition in public relations, as she muses about many charitable ways to spend her prize money, “if I win this money, I’d first of all, pay my tithe – and it’d be the first time I’ll be paying my tithe…”, she would also provide her dad with the resources required to pay for his eye surgery, since his sight is fast deteriorating. However she’s coming to the mansion, with one self-confessed flaw, “I have anger management issues, but once I hear music, I’ll calm down”. This is Lilian, whose flaw may be her quick temper, but her virtue will always be brutal honesty.

Kokolette Elizabeth Efe Era (LIZZY)

Age: 27

Occupation: Student (University of Uyo)

Elizabeth is a lady that strikes you as someone who’s out to save the world, even if this task ends up hurting her. Despite the fact that she is studying economics, she maintains an unrelenting flair for entertainment. However, Elizabeth is a young lady who tries too hard to change the people around her – in fact, she says, “I should be able to counsel my fellow contestants – I want to be like a mother to them – I want to change the mindset of the girls”. She developed her inert motherly disposition as a result of her exposure as a child to the emotional needs of a large family – she was born into a family of eleven; gradually she developed into a surrogate parent to her siblings, acting as the voice of reason, and go-between between her siblings and her parents. “I study people” she admits, “so it will help me understand the ladies at the mansion”. It is quite unclear how eleven dynamic young ladies would react to a stranger imposing as a surrogate mother, but it would be interesting to see how Elizabeth intends to pull this off, since she’s so passionate about playing this role, “I cannot change who I am – I am a caring person, and I was born with this disposition to nurture and care for people”Not just that, Elizabeth comes to the mansion with a combination of self-uprightness, and one other character which she can be quoted as saying: “when I was growing up, I was like the Amebo (tell-tale girl) in the house – I was the one who always had to tell my dad things – I was bold, and I was the only one who could confront my dad with complaints from my siblings”.

Kokolette Chioma Akuezue (CHIOMA)

Age: 21

Occupation: Musician

Chioma is a talented musician who has no time to disguise her motivation for participation on the show, “I’m here for the money, because when I get the money, I’ll be able to produce my songs, and the popularity will help too, because for you to succeed in the entertainment business, you need to be known”. She believes she’s different from the other candidates because she can sing very well. Her slender frame lured her into modeling, a profession she is also passionate about. She even described her biggest challenge in life as her desire to prove to those fashion organizers who hurt her ego a few years ago by telling her she wasn’t fit for runway modeling, that she could and would become a successful entertainer. She considers her participation on this show as a desirable opportunity to showcase her talent to the world. According to her she’s been through a whole lot, where sexual predators had tried but failed to take advantage of her under the guise of helping her with her career, “I want to be a superstar, but not at the expense of my integrity”.

Kokolette Chinwe Hilda Ukadike (CHINWE)

Age: 23

Occupation: Just concluded NYSC

The fact that Chinwe loves tattoos cannot be overemphasized, because her love for tattoos is buried skin deep in three different places on her body. But so also is her passion for fashion, and her ambition to become a celebrated actress. She likes to consider herself as someone who got the necessities of life as a child, “growing up was fun for me, I was always doted on by eight wonderful elder sisters”. Chinwe grew up in Lagos. She loves watching horror movies, “I enjoy watching movies like Van Helsing, and whenever I’m watching a movie like this, I turn the light off [for that eerie effect]”. She can best be described as a brave and courageous young lady, who is walking into the mansion with no fear for anything, especially not for needles, “I’m used to needles – I’m used to pain, I pierced four holes in each of my earlobes myself – my pain-resistant level is very high”.Despite what many may consider eccentric, Chinwe believes that, “I have 90% of the qualities of an ideal woman, and will use the show as a ladder for my acting career…”

Kokolette Chidinma Mbalaso (CHIDINMA)

Age: 20

Occupation: Student (University of Abuja)

For Chidinma, her biggest concern is for people to see her as more than just a pretty face. This pretty young lady, whose role models are Dora Akunyili and Oprah Winfrey, considers herself an emotional person whose life ambition is to be an entertainment mogul. “I want to do movies – I want to be on TV – I want to make a difference in the entertainment industry”, she says. Growing up for her was very pleasant, “it’s not like my family is very well to do, but my parents made sure I didn’t lack anything, but they also made me understand that I couldn’t have everything”. She considers herself someone with a good sense of fashion. She thinks she could be caring to a fault. She just finished reading Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows, and as such, one can assume she has a romantic streak. And if her attractive looks are matched with an equal amount of intellects, then her participation on this show may really be jump-starting a flourishing career on TV. She has ten siblings, of which she is the youngest. And she comes to the mansion, determined to utilize this platform as a launch pad for her long-term career ambition in entertainment.

Kokolette Bolanle Okhiria (BOLANLE)

Age: 21

Occupation: Student [Lagos State University]

Bolanle’s first reactions to her selection was loaded with surprise, doubt, and utter consternation; she honestly thought someone was playing pranks on her, “I waited for so long for that call, and when it finally came through I was too excited to believe it was real – I had to tell the producers to prove to me that it wasn’t some kind of a joke” she said, still ecstatic about being selected. Bolanle, or Miss Bee as her close friends would call her, can best be described as a rounded character fresh off the set of a television sitcom – her intelligence, beauty, and sense of humour are some of the qualities that make her company completely irresistible. She describes herself as a romantic person who can’t be intimidated by anybody.
Bolanle was born into privilege, but by the time she turned 12, her family fortunes took a nose dive into recession, forcing her to switch from a life of opulence to one of abject poverty. “I was born with a silver spoon, but when my family fortunes turned, I was forced to learn that life is not a bed of roses”, she recalls with a warm smile, “my dad told me, it was always best to make a very positive impact out of any negative circumstance”. As a student member of the Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria [APCON], Bolanle describes the ideal woman as, “someone whose beauty is not just in her outward appearance, she has to be someone who understands that character is the most essential beauty ingredient in a woman”.
With a bouquet of talents ranging from rapping to dancing; Bolanle looks up to women like Cecilia Ibru and Tyra Banks as her role models. Thanks to the energy she’s derived from the lives of these exemplary women, her career ambition is to one day start her own talk show – The Bee Show, a platform to educate young women on the essence of being beautiful, bold, and brilliant.

Kokolette Bidemi Jolayemi (BIDEMI)

Age: 23

Occupation: Student [Olabisi Onabanjo University]

Bidemi is an unrepentant optimist. “I’m a girl with a PMA – Positive Mental Attitude” she reaffirms, “I’m disciplined, sociable, and hardworking”. Bidemi’s strong faith in humanity gives her a romantic disposition that believes that something good could always be harnessed from very bad situations. She’s always never in favor of popular opinions on issues, fashion, and everything in between, “I don’t like following the crowd, and I like setting my own unique trends, dictating my own pace, because I never let myself to be sucked in by peer pressure” Bidemi recounts an incident that almost shook her faith in optimism, “ when my dad was in a coma, about to die, and the doctors told my family that he was going to die – I was the only one who stubbornly held on to the belief that he would live, but he eventually died”, yet she did not give up believing that her faith was not misplaced, “my dad had always wanted me to be a medical doctor because he was diabetic and hypertensive, and his sole heart desire was to have one of kids cure him…”. Though she was devastated by her father’s death, she’s determined to save as many people as possible, and this is the reason why she’s currently studying to become a medical doctor. Her life is a crusade to give good health to the sick, and save the world from pessimism. She comes to the mansion, with years of experience living with strangers, from boarding school to her hostel on campus, “I’ve lived with strangers before and they all became friends with me, I’m patient, and it really takes time to get on my nerves, however I don’t like people taking me for granted”

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Friday, June 26, 2009


Medical staff rush Michael Jackson into UCLA's hospital after battling to revive him
The singer's body is carried out of the UCLA Medical Centre

The King of Pop is dead: Michael Jackson passes away - aged 50 - after being rushed to hospital in a coma
Singer Michael Jackson died last night after collapsing at his home in Los Angeles.
The singer stopped breathing and suffered a massive cardiac arrest, although the exact circumstances of his death are unknown.
Paramedics failed to revive the 50 year-old and he was taken to hospital in a coma where he was pronounced dead.
There were unconfirmed reports this morning that Jackson may have suffered a heart attack after receiving an injection of the painkiller Demerol form his private physician.
His mother, brothers, including Jermaine, Tito and Randy and sisters Janet and LaToya, had raced to be at his bedside.

Devastated: Michael Jackson's sister La Toya (left) is seen arriving at the hospital sobbing, followed by his mother, Katherine, on whom he had come to rely in recent months

He had been very frail in recent weeks as he struggled to prepare for 50 concerts in London, which had been due to start on July 13.
Elizabeth Taylor, one of Michael Jackson's closest friends, had been planning to fly out on a private jet to attend Jackson's opening night in London, Larry King said on CNN last night.
Jackson's brother, Jermaine Jackson, told reporters during a press conference that he believed Michael had died from a cardiac arrest, but added that the exact cause of death was not known.
Investigators are likely to focus on claims the singer suffered a long-term addiction to painkillers.
Last month it was alleged he was struggling to make even a handful of the rehearsals for his comeback tour in Britain.
It later emerged he had been to just two out of more than 45 rehearsals.
One Jackson family source said at the time he was 'just not able to pick himself up out of the painkiller stupor' that he was in.
Police said that an emergency call was made from the house at 12.21pm local time [8.21pm UK] last night and paramedics raced to the scene.

Comeback tour: The singer was due to open at the 02 in London next month

Jackson, who has three young children, was seen being taken into an ambulance by Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics and moved to the UCLA Medical Centre.
The Los Angeles Times reported that the star was not breathing when paramedics arrived at his home.
When emergency staff arrived, they began resuscitation procedures immediately.
Ten bodyguards followed the ambulance to hospital where the star was rushed into the emergency room on a stretcher.
Doctors again tried to revive him, but attempts failed.
Jermaine Jackson told reporters that medical staff had tried to resuscitate his brother for an hour after he collapsed at his home.
"His personal physician, who was with him at the time, attempted to resuscitate my brother, as did the paramedics who transported him to the UCLA," he said.
"On arrival at 1.14pm (local time) a team of doctors, including emergency physicians and cardiologists, attempted to resuscitate him for one hour but they were unsuccessful."
Jackson's mother and brothers raced from the family home nearby to be at his bedside.
A source close to his family said: 'It's so tragic but he was such a wreck physically that all the signs were there.'
His ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley said that she was 'heartbroken' for his children.
'I am so very sad and confused with every emotion possible. Words fail me,' she said in a statement.
His sister La Toya was spotted running in the UCLA Medical Centre sobbing shortly after he was pronounced dead.
Katherine Jackson, Michael's mother, arrived at UCLA hospital to be with the rest of the family shortly after 3pm.

A monitor detailing the 911 call received by paramedics shows that he was not breathing at all
Jackson's longtime publicist Michael Levine said he wasn't surprised by the news.
He said: 'As someone who served as Michael Jackson's publicist during the firstst child molestation incident, I must confess I am not surprised by today's tragic news.
'Michael has been on an impossibly difficult and often self-destructive journey for years. His talent was unquestionable but so too was his discomfort with the norms of the world.'
Jackson had apparently been 'doped up to his eyes' for several weeks with anti-pain prescriptions including Vicodin.
The source, who asked not to be named, said: 'He has pain in his back and that is the reason for the drugs, but it is obvious that the painkillers have taken over his life.'
Another family friend said that his ex-wife Debbie Rowe is expected to receive initial custody of the children while long-term arrangements are sorted.
Another family source said he had become increasingly withdrawn over recent weeks, leaning on his mother Katherine for support as his health deteriorated.
'He had been so frail, both physically and emotionally,' the acquaintance said. 'Many warned he was pushing too hard and overdoing things, but he wanted to get back to work so badly, he kept pushing himself harder and harder.
'He didn't want to let down his fans, and he desperately needed the cash.'

Family man: The singer leaves three children; Prince Michael Joseph Jackson Jr, Paris Michael Katherine Jackson and Prince Michael Jackson II, known as 'Blanket'.

As news broke of Jackson's heart attack, a member of the Jackson family had told celebrity website TMZ that Michael was 'in really bad shape'. His father had admitted 'he'd not doing well'.
Tributes poured in immediately from the world of celebrity.
Publicist Max Clifford first met the star in the 60s when Mr Clifford was working at record label EMI's press office. He said he had spoken to the singer most recently three weeks before reality TV star Jade Goody died earlier this year when Jackson asked to visit her.
Mr Clifford said: "It is a terrible shock, you wonder if the strain of getting fit for this major tour proved too much. In recent pictures he looked anything but healthy. That's the first thought that went through my mind.

Tears for a hero: Fans, with tears streaming down their faces, comfort each other outside Michael Jackson's home in Los Angeles, where the singer collapsed last night

'When he called to speak to Jade he was anxious to visit her, unfortunately she was too ill but they spoke on the phone and his final words to her were that he wanted to see her and wanted her to come to his show. Sadly she is no longer with us and now he is also no longer with us, it is very sad.
'He was always someone who seemed to find it difficult to cope with fame. He was a great talent. He was already a superstar when he was in his teens but then he was with four others. Then all of a sudden he was on his own and he did seem to find it difficult to cope.'
Music producer Quincy Jones said: 'I am absolutely devastated at this tragic and unexpected news.'
He said Jackson 'had it all - talent, grace, professionalism and dedication'.
He added: 'I've lost my little brother today, and part of my soul has gone with him.'
Twitter was alive with celebrity tributes. Actress Demi Moore wrote: 'I am greatly saddened for the loss of both Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. Especially for their children!'Tributes:
Tributes: Jacko fan Q Dixon mourns the death of his pop hero outside the UCLA hospital

Support: A mother, Yoshika Plair (right) hugs her daughter Summer outside UCLA as they take in the news of Michael Jackson's death

Her husband, Ashton Kutcher, also posted: "RIP. Sending love and light to family and friend but especially his kids.'
He added: 'Plea to the press to respect his wishes of maintaining the anonymity of his children. Plea to the public to refuse to consume media that does not respect the anonymity of Michael's children.'
Foreign Secretary David Miliband wrote: 'Never has one soared so high and yet dived so low. RIP Michael.'
Peter Andre wrote: 'Michael Jackson dying is absolutely devastating. I am totally shocked. MJ, you're the best.'
Close friend Uri Geller initially told Sky News he was hoping desperately that the reports of Jackson's death were not true.
The white 'Ronald Reagan Medical Center' where the crowd and media gathered after hearing the news that he had died

Hundreds of people gathered at 'UCLA Medical Plaza' in Westwood, Los Angeles where Michael Jackson was taken after a heart attack

I'm waiting like you are, like the whole planet is, waiting to hear it from the mouth of the doctor taking care of him,' he said as hundreds fans gathered outside the hospital.
Jackson's friend Mark Lester, the child star from the 1968 film Oliver! who is also godfather to the singer’s children said: 'He was the most wonderful, lovely guy in the world. I can't believe what's happened.
'I don't know what to say. It's just so horrible.’
The star had three children, the elder two, Prince Michael I, 12, and Paris Michael, 11, with ex-wife Debbie Rowe. The mother of the youngest child, seven-year-old Prince Michael II, has never been revealed.
There had been persistent rumours about Jackson's failing health, most recently that he was suffering from skin cancer.
He was frequently pictured looking frail, and in recent years had often been photographed in a wheelchair or using a walking stick.
In May he spent three days in conference with doctors at the Bedford Medical building in Los Angeles.

Hundreds of people gathered at 'UCLA Medical Plaza' in Westwood, Los Angeles where Michael Jackson was taken after a heart attack

Those following the electronic newsboard react with shock

His biographer claimed the troubled star was suffering from emphysema and chronic gastrointestinal bleeding, which his doctors had trouble stopping.
Jackson subsequently denied these allegations but failed to shake off fears about his wellbeing.
The troubled star, who had numerous cosmetic surgery procedures to alter his appearance, was also diagnosed with the dermatologic disorder Vitiligo, which causes depigmentation in patches of skin, which he claimed to be the reason for white skin.
He also suffered Lupus – a tissue disease.
Earlier this year, the 50-year-old's fans were left worried and disappointed after he cancelled the opening four shows of his sell-out tour. Despite the reported fears for his health and fitness, his representatives had previously insisted he would be able to perform.
More than 750,000 tickets have been sold for the 'This is It' concerts, which would have earned him as much as £50million, enough to clear his debts.
Fans who have already bought tickets for his UK dates will now be concerned about getting refunds for the series of shows, including a number of appearances at the O2.
Despite being one of the most successful recording artists of all time with hits such as Thriller, Bad and Billie Jean, he had amassed massive debts.
His former home - the famous Neverland Ranch - has been taken over by developers Floral tribute: A young fan lays a flower in memory of Michael Jackson outside the singer's former childhood home
Floral tribute: A young fan lays a flower in memory of Michael Jackson outside the singer's former childhood home

The Peter Pan of Pop: Soft toys and flowers are laid outside Jacko's childhood home

The singer was also forced to settle a £3m lawsuit with a Bahrainian prince over his failure to write a book and perform in a concert in return for a year's free stay in Bahrain.
Jackson, who had not performed since the 1990s, saw his career and popularity plummet after a child abuse scandal four years ago.
Despite being cleared by a Californian court over allegations that he had abused young boys on sleep-overs at his home he never recovered from the negative press attention.
He left the Neverland Ranch and after stays in Bahrain and Europe returned to the U.S. where he faced near bankruptcy, being described as a 'millionaire who spends like a billionaire'.


Michael at 2

Fans have reacted with shock and grief to the sudden death of Michael Jackson, the legendary King of Pop and one of the most successful recording artists of all time!!!!

The singer was taken to Los Angeles’ UCLA medical centre, a short distance from his home in Bel Air, after suffering a cardiac arrest.

. Hundreds of mourners gathered at the hospital to wait for news. Many broke down after the entertainer’s death was confirmed

As the news spread, people also gathered outside the star’s childhood home in Gary, Indiana.

Some left flowers or stuffed toys on the porch of the house where the singer grew up….

In New York’s Time Square , the news fans had been dreading was broadcast over the famous electronic screens.

Fans danced outside the Apollo Theatre in the city’s Harlem district, where the Jackson Five won an amateur night competition in 1967.

Jackson’s death made headlines around the world. Across Asia, broadcasters interrupted morning programmes to announce the news!!!!!



FOREVER A LEGEND... Even in the world beyond...

Waoh... *sob*sob*... Why Jacko? When he is staging a very big come back, I still can't understand this... I LOVE MICKO.....*sob*sob*sob*.......... I LOVE THIS MAN....


Date of Birth: 29 August 1958, Gary, Indiana, USA
Date of Death: 25 June 2009, Los Angeles, California, USA
Birth Name: Michael Joseph Jackson
Nickname: The Gloved One Wacko Jacko Jacko King Of Pop MJ
Height: 5' 10" (1.78 m)

Mini Biography
American superstar Michael Jackson was born in Gary, Indiana in 1958 and has been entertaining audiences nearly his entire life. His father, Joseph Jackson, had been a guitarist but was forced to give up his musical ambitions following his marriage to Katherine (Scruse). Together they prodded their growing family's musical interests at home. By the early 60s the older boys Jackie, Tito and Jermaine had begun performing around the city; by 1964 Michael and Marlon had joined in. A musical prodigy, Michael's singing and dancing talents were amazingly mature and he soon became the dominant voice and focus of "The Jackson 5." An opening act for such soul groups as the O-Jays and James brown, it was Gladys Knight (not Diana Ross) who officially brought the group to Berry Gordy's attention, and by 1969 the boys were producing back-to-back chartbusting hits as Motown artists.
As a product of the 70s, the boys had emerged as one of the most accomplished black pop/soul vocal groups in music history, successfully evolving from a Temptations-like group act to a disco phenomenon.
Solo success for Michael was inevitable, and by the 80s he had become infinitely more popular than his brotherly group. Record sales consistently orbited, culminating in the biggest-selling album of all time, "Thriller." A TV natural, he ventured rather uneasily into films, such as playing the Scarecrow in The Wiz (1978), but had better luck with elaborate music videos.In the 90s the down side as an 80s pop phenomenon began to show.
Michael grew terribly child-like and introverted by his celebrity. A rather timorous, androgynous figure to begin with, his physical appearance began to change drastically and his behavior grew alarmingly bizarre, making him a consistent target for scandal-making, despite his numerous charitable acts. Two brief marriages -- one to Elvis Presley's daughter Lisa Marie Presley -- were forged and two children produced by his second wife during that time, but the purposes were obviously image oriented.
Despite it all, Michael Jackson's skills as a singer, dancer, writer and businessman are unparalleled, and it is these prodigious talents that will ultimately prevail over the extremely negative aspects of his seriously troubled life.I
Debbie Rowe ( 15 November 1996 - 8 October 1999) Divorced with 2 children
Lisa Marie Presley (26 May 1994 - 18 January 1996) Divorced

Trade Mark
The Moonwalk.
Single sequined white glove.
He always wears white socks with black shoes.
Says "Hee Hee" in many of his songs
High-pitched voice.

Through his "Heal the World" Foundation, Jackson spearheaded airlifts of food and medical supplies to war-torn Sarajevo, instituted mentoring, immunization and drug-abuse education programs and paid for a Hungarian child's liver transplant.
Second child, daughter Paris Michael Katherine Jackson, is born. [3 April 1998]
Wife, Rowe, gave birth to a son in Beverly Hills, named Prince Michael Jackson Jr. [13 February 1997]
Macaulay Culkin is godfather to his two eldest children.

Married Lisa Maries Presley in La Vega, Dominican Republic, by Judge Hugo Francisco Alvarez Perez.
Witnesses present were Thomas Keough and Eve Darling (Lisa Marie's ex-brother-in-law and his wife, ex-sister-in-law). [26 May 1994]

Shares with Carlos Santana and Norah Jones the record for most Grammys won in one year, with eight in 1984.

First solo artist to generate four top ten hits on the Billboard charts on one album with "Off the Wall."

First artist to generate seven top ten hits (USA) on one album with "Thriller."

Only artist in history to generate five #1 hits (USA) from one album with "Bad."

With Lionel Richie co-wrote the song "We Are the World," and was one of its performers.

His 1982 album "Thriller" is the biggest selling album of all time, with confirmed sales of over 47 million copies worldwide.
His 1991 album "Dangerous" is second to "Thriller" as the biggest selling album of all time, with over 20 million copies sold worldwide.
His 1987 album "BAD" is third to "Thriller" as the biggest selling album of all time, with 20 million copies sold worldwide.
Brother of (in this order) Rebbie Jackson, Jackie Jackson, Tito Jackson, Jermaine Jackson, La Toya Jackson, Marlon Jackson, Randy Jackson, and Janet Jackson.

Copied his moon walk after mime Marcel Marceau in "walk-against-the- wind" pantomime techniques.

Wrote and recorded a song called "On the Line", produced by Kenneth 'Babyface' Edmonds, for the film Get on the Bus (1996) that was not included on the soundtrack for the film.

The name of his 2700-acre ranch near Santa Ynez, California, is Neverland Valley Ranch. It contains Jackson's house, an amusement park co-designed by Macauley Culkin, a private theater and dance stage, and exotic animals.

Once dated Brooke Shields.

He is being sued by two former financial advisors for $25 million over alleged unpaid expenses. Jackson denies owing them anything. [9 September 2001]
Claims to have a skin disease called vitiligo.

Was a Jehovah's Witness.

Uncle ofJermaine Jackson II, Valencia Jackson, Brittany Jackson, Marlon Jackson II, Stevanna Jackson.

His estate contains a child's mini coaster, Zipper, Bumper cars, Merry go round, octopus, Giant slide and rocking dragon.. There is also a full size basketball court, water wars section (for water gun fights) 2 Trains, (one steam train) and a zoo where he has various exotic animals including elephants, giraffes, alligators, a tiger and even an Anaconda.

He does not own the right to the entire Beatles catalogue.
For example, the family of the late George Harrison own songs he wrote, including "Something," and Sony music owns 50% of the catalogue after Jackson sold it to them because he needed the money.

Son of Katherine Jackson and Joe Jackson.

Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2001 (as a solo artist).
Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997 (as a member of the Jackson 5).
Jackson shocked his fans when he dangled his third child, infant Prince Michael II, over a balcony on the fourth floor of a Berlin, Germany hotel for all hovering fans to see. He later stated that he made "a terrible mistake." [November 2002]
Starting with Black or White (1991) (V), Jackson and his record company refer to his music videos, before or since, as "short films," never "videos".

Has his look-alike puppet in the French show "Les guignols de l'info" (1988).

Father of Prince Micahel Jackson I, Prince Michael Jackson II and Paris Jackson.
Is the godfather of Michael Gibb, son of Bee Gees frontman Barry Gibb.

He and his lawyer, Mark Geragos, sued jet charter company XtraJet for invasion of privacy. The firm allegedly installed hidden cameras to tape the two's confidential attorney-client conversations. A California judge has barred the firm from releasing or selling any footage it may have obtained. [25 November 2003]

In 2002 had planned to produce and star in the movie "The Nightmares of Edgar Allan Poe", about the last years of writer Edgar Allan Poe.
He was to star as the famed 19th century author (who was Caucasian), and had written music for the film as well.

For a charity event held at the Neverland Ranch in September 2003, for the first time ever, he invited an artist from the outside to perform there. It was Yannick Harrison, also known as Jay Kid, from Denmark that performed a number of his interpretations of Michael Jackson songs for the specially invited guests.

Has sold 170 million albums worldwide.
Was present at the private funeral service for Maurice Gibb.

He was voted the 35th Greatest Artist of all time in Rock 'n' Roll by Rolling Stone.
His favourite "Beatles' song is "Come Together" - his version of the song is on "History - Past, Present and Future."

Was found not guilty on ten counts of child molestation on 13 June 2005 due to lack of evidence.
Ranked #11 in VH1's list of the "100 Greatest Kid Stars" with his brothers as the Jackson Five
He was (along with Tito Jacson) co-best man at Liza Minelli's and David Gest's wedding.

Tatum O'Neal was Jackson's first girlfriend and allegedly his first real love.

His hit song "Bad" from 1987 was initially supposed to be a duet with fellow 80's superstar Prince.
Prince said in an interview that he did not wish to sing the line "Your butt is mine".

Ex-brother-in-law of James Debarge.

President Ronald Reagan wanted to award a special White House medal to Jackson, Bob Hope and the late John Wayne in 1984. However, future Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts advised against the proposal, saying the award was too much for a pop singer.
Received a Presidential Humanitarian Award from President Reagan at the White House in May 1984, in recognition of Jackson's contribution to the government's campaign against drunk driving. "Beat It" was used in television advertisements.

Jackson joined Chris Tucker, Tony Bennett, former president Bill Clinton and members of the Democratic National Committee at Harlem's Apollo Theatre in New York for a concert fundraiser. Tucker co-hosted the event with actress Cicely Tyson, while Rubén Blades, k.d. lang and Bennett performed. Jackson sang a medley of songs that included "Black or White" and "Smooth Criminal," and was joined by Jane's Addiction guitarist and former Red Hot Chili Pepper Dave Navarro for a portion of his set. (24 April 2002)

Attended a memorial service for the late actor Marlon Brando in August 2004, along with Warren Beatty, Jack Nicholson and Sean Penn.

Addressed the Oxford Union on the subject of child welfare and his new initiative "Heal the Kids". (6 March 2001)

Was asked to write and perform the songs for Batman (1989), but had to turn it down due to his concert commitments.
In January 2000 Jackson announced he was considering retiring from the music industry, citing his weariness at publicity as a reason.

In 1997, Jackson released an album of new material coupled with remixes of hit singles from the "HIStory" album titled "Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix".

He dedicated the album to his friend Sir Elton John, who had helped him through his addiction to prescribed painkillers. It went on to sell 6 million copies worldwide, making it the biggest selling remix album of all time.

His album "HIStory: Past, Present and Future - Book I" has sold 16 million copies worldwide since its release in 1995, making it the biggest selling multiple-disc album of all time.
His 2001 album "Invincible" sold 8 million copies worldwide.

In January 1993 Jackson performed during the halftime show at Super Bowl XXVII. It drew the largest viewing audience in the history of American television.

In a move named by Jackson's advisers as "refinancing," it was announced in April 2006 that Jackson had struck a deal with Sony and Fortress investments. In the deal Sony may be allowed to take control of half of Jackson's 50% stake in Sony/ ATV Music Publishing (worth an estimated $1 billion) which Jackson co-owns. Jackson would be left with 25% of the catalog, with the rest belonging to Sony. In exchange, Sony negotiated with a loans company on behalf of Jackson. Jackson's $200m in loans were due in December 2005 and were secured on the catalog. Jackson failed to pay and the Bank of America sold them to Fortress investments, a company dealing in distressed loans. However, Jackson hasn't as yet sold any of the remainder of his stake. The possible purchase by Sony of 25% of Sony/ATV Music Publishing is a conditional option; it is assumed the singer will try to avoid having to sell part of the catalog of songs including material by other artists such as Bob Dylan and Destiny's Child. As another part of the deal Jackson was given a new $300 million loan, and a lower interest rate on the old loan to match the original Bank of America rate. When the loan was sold to Fortress investments they increased the interest rate to 20%.

Winner of the Brit Award for International Male in 1989.
Winner of the British Phonographic Industry Award for International Solo Artist in 1988.
Winner of the British Phonographic Industry Award for International Solo Artist in 1984.
Was a frequent guest at the infamous "Studio 54"

On 27 May 2006, Jackson accepted a Legend Award at MTV Japan's VMA Awards in Tokyo. It was his first public appearance since being found not guilty in his child molestation trial almost a year earlier. The award was honoring his influence and impact in music videos over the past 25 years.

Despite a number of surgeons' claims that Jackson has undergone multiple nasal surgeries as well as a forehead lift, thinned lips and cheekbone surgery, Jackson wrote in his 1988 autobiography "Moon Walk" that he only had two rhinoplastic surgeries and the surgical creation of a cleft in his chin, while attributing puberty and diet to the noticeable change in the structure of his face.

Jackson hired film director Martin Scorsese to direct the video for the "Bad" album's title track. When the 18-minute music video debuted on television, it sparked a great deal of controversy as it was apparent that Jackson's appearance had changed dramatically. Although Jackson's skin color had been a medium- brown color for the entire duration of his youth, his skin had gradually become paler since 1982, and had now become a light brown color. This was now so noticeable that the entire press took out widespread coverage on it and claimed that Jackson had bleached his own skin.

In 1993 Jackson claimed that his changing skin color is due to a skin disorder vitiligo whilst on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" (1986).
Performed at the ball for President Bill Clinton's first inauguration on 20 January 1993.

"Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection", his third greatest hits package in less than ten years, sold 250,000 copies worldwide following its release in October 2004.

"The Essential Michael Jackson", another greatest hits package, debuted at a surprisingly high Number 2 on the UK charts and sold 200,000 copies within five months. In the United States it only reached Number 96 and soon disappeared.

Recorded an anti-war song about the US invasion of Iraq, "We've Had Enough", which was included on his greatest hits package "Michael Jackson: The Ultimate Collection".
His greatest hits compilation "Michael Jackson: Number Ones" sold 6 million copies worldwide following its release in November 2003, peaking at Number 1 in most countries except the United States. It had been planned at the last minute after "Resurrection", a follow-up to his 2001 album "Invincible", was canceled.

Fortress Investment Group foreclosed and took possession of Jackson's half- interest in the Sony/ATV Music Publishing company, estimated to be worth $1 billion, as well as the entire MiJac Music Publishing company. (December 2005)

Promotional videos of his songs directed by, among others, John Landis and John Singleton have cost more than some motion pictures.
Paid $1.5 million in 1999 for the Best Picture Oscar awarded to David O. Selznick for Gone with the Wind (1939).

Announced his intention to record a charity single dedicated to the victims of Hurricane Katrina entitled, "I Have This Dream". Ciara, Snoop Dogg, R. Kelly, Keyshia Cole, James Ingram, Michael Jackson's brother Jermaine Jackson, Shanice, the Shirley Caesar and The O'Jays all supposedly lent their voices to the charity song. At the time, Jackson's spokesperson, Raymone K. Bain, said the list of performers included Mary J. Blige, 'Missy 'Misdemeanor' Elliott', Jay-Z, James Brown and Lenny Kravitz. All of these artists later appeared to be no longer participating.

More than a year later, the Katrina Charity Single remains unreleased. (13 September 2005)
He is a close friend of the former child star Mark Lester, and is godfather to his children.

Former son-in-law of Elvis Presley and Priscilla Presley.
Is spoofed in Eminem's music video "Just lose it"

Jackson was fired from Two Seas Records, with whom he had signed a recording contract in April 2006 for one album. The album had been set for a fall 2007 release. (September 2006)
California state authorities ordered Jackson to close the Neverland Ranch and fined him more than $100,000 for failing to pay the staff there or maintain proper insurance. (March 2006).
When Jackson and his brothers performed in England in the early 1970s, he asked to meet actor Mark Lester. "

He wanted to meet someone who had a similar background, a child star," Lester said. The result has been a lifelong friendship.

Presented with an "Artist of the decade" award by Elizabeth Taylor in 1989, proclaiming him "the true king of pop, rock and soul".

Ordered to pay Debbie Rowe $60,000 for legal fees in their battle for custody over of their two children. Los Angeles Judge Robert Schnider gave Jackson until 28 September to obey the order. Rowe had asked for $195,000, but the judge noted that she had received eight million dollars in the divorce. (6 September 2006).

Was reported to have attempted suicide in December 2005.

His 2001 album "Invincible" had incredibly low sales figures. Instead of blaming this on what was, by most fans and critics, considered mediocre music, he blamed his record label and industry executives, most notably the legendary producer Tommy Mottola, whom Jackson likened to Satan and accused of racism.

In October 2002 it was revealed by various international banks that Jackson was in financial debt into the tens of millions of dollars due to various unpaid loans.

Some of his favorite pastimes were water balloon fights and climbing trees. He wrote several songs sitting in his favorite tree at Neverland, which he called Giving Tree, because it was so inspiring.

Is portrayed by Alex Burrall and Jason Weaver in The Jacksons: An American Dream (1992) (TV).
Godmother of his daughter Paris Jackson is Elizabeth Taylor.
Godmother of his son Prince Michael Jackson I is Elizabeth Taylor.
Godfather of Nicole Richie.
Besides being godfather to Michael's first child Prince Michael Jackson I, Macaulay Culkin is also godfather to Jackson's daughter Paris Jackson.

Did not tour America after the BAD tour in 1987.
Received a Special Award for a Generation at the Brit Awards in 1996.
Received the World Music Award for world's best-selling album of all time, "Thriller", at the Monte Carlo Sporting Club, on 8 May 1996.
Received the Diamond Award for selling more than 100 million albums at the World Music Awards in London on 15 November 2006.
Ended more than a year of speculation by buying the British music publishing company ATV Music for a reported £34 million ($50 million) in August 1985. The company owned 40,000 songs, including the Northern Songs catalog which contained all The Beatles songs up to their Apple Days. Jackson outbid Coca-Cola, EMI, CBS (who thereafter looked after the catalog for Jackson) and a very disappointed Paul McCartney, who had originally tried to buy Northern Songs for £21 million ($35 million) in 1981 and then later - again unsuccessfully - in conjunction with Yoko Ono.

1st May 2001: His video for "Thriller" was voted at #1 by VH1 on their countdown of the Top 100 Greatest Videos Of All Time. At #2 was "Like A Prayer" by Madonna.
Won a poll of superstars to have his image on a stamp issued by the Virgin Islands in July 1985. He asked that the Virgin Islands donated all revenue (the stamps were priced between 60 cents and $1.50) to welfare and education.
Disappointed his fans by singing a few lines from "We Are the World", accompanied by a children's choir, after he had been rumored to perform his 1982 hit "Thriller" as a triumphant comeback at the World Music Awards at Earls Court, London. Jackson left the stage to audible boos from the audience - some of his fans had paid up to £500 a ticket to see him perform. (15 November 2006).

Filed complaints against the Independent Television Commission and the Broadcasting Standards Commission of the UK following the documentary Living with Michael Jackson: A Tonight Special (2003) (TV).

Held his first live concert in four years at Madison Square Garden, New York, in early September 2001. He was paid £10 million for two concerts.
Originally intended to begin his solo career when he turned eighteen in 1976, but financial problems forced him to remain with the Jackson Five, renaming themselves The Jacksons for legals reasons, until 1979.

While Jackson has claimed 104 million sales for his 1982 album "Thriller", the Guinness Book of World Records has put the figure at 51 million copies sold as of 2006.
A $10 million lawsuit filed by Jackson was dismissed by a US judge. The lawsuit was filed against a man from New Jersey who was allegedly in possession of items and memorabilia that Jackson claims were stolen. (14 January 2006).

In 1997 a survey declared Jackson the most famous person in the world, ahead of Pope John Paul II and then US President Bill Clinton.

It is clear in the opinion of a number of plastic surgeons that Jackson has undergone extensive plastic surgery and it may be said that he is hardly recognizable as the same person he was as an adolescent, but the effectiveness of his cosmetic surgery has been hotly debated.
He was the highest earning singer of 1988-1989, with $125 million from his worldwide "BAD" album tour.
He was thwarted in his bid to buy the remains of the Victorian "Elephant Man, John Meyrick, in June 1987. The London Medical College told Jackson he would not be allowed to buy it, no matter how much money he offered.
Honored by CBS as the "top selling act of the Eighties" in March 1990.
Jackson was seen by a record 500,000 people during his seven day stand at Wembley Stadium in July 1988.

Moonwalker (1988) was certified as the all-time top selling music video in March 1989.
Attended James Brown's funeral in Augusta, Georgia. (30 December 2006).
Inducted into the UK Music Hall of Fame for his outstanding contribution to British music and integral part of British music culture. [11 November 2004]
He returned to live in the United States on 24 December 2006, setting up residence in Las Vegas.

Has sold over 300 million records worldwide.
On 13 June 2003, the day after his neighbor and friend of 25 years Gregory Peck died, Jackson went to Peck's house to help his widow plan the memorial service. Peck had once publicly praised the singer as a model parent.

The music video for his song "Thriller" was with 13 minutes the longest music video ever, until this record was broken by The Streets with the video for the song "When You Wasn't Famous".
Jackson greeted thousands of US troops in a US army base south of Tokyo on 10 March 2007. About 3,000 troops and their family members gathered in a fitness center at Camp Zama. Jackson, after shaking hands with and thanking the troops personally for their service, spoke to the crowd gathered, saying, "Those of you in here today are some of the most special people in the world. It is because of you in here today, and others who so valiantly have given their lives to protect us, that we enjoy our freedom." Jackson also attended a ceremony at the camp for an army member being promoted and put a pin on his uniform.

At his peak, Jackson was reportedly worth around $700 million.
Inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2002.
His 1979 debut solo album "Off the Wall" has sold around 20 million copies worldwide.
His 2001 album "Invincible" was his first full album of new material for ten years, since 1991's "Dangerous".

Fell out with Quincy Jones after the producer cut half the songs from his 1987 album "BAD". In a 2006 interview with "The Daily Telegraph" newspaper, Jones admitted he had not spoken to Jackson for years.

Diagnosed with lupus in 1984.
Claims to have given $300 million to charity, more than any other celebrity apart from Oprah Winfrey.

Former son-in-law of Priscilla Presley.
Childhood school friend of David Gest.
Attended the funeral of his close friend Ryan White in April 1990.
Longtime supporter of AIDS research.
In the early 1970s while still very young and a member of "The Jackson 5", appeared on "The Dating Game" (1965). Roles were reversed; Michael asked questions and picked a date from three eligible "bachelorettes".
Is a fan of the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

A special 25th anniversary edition of his 1982 album "Thriller", entitled "Thriller 25", sold an estimated 3 million copies worldwide.

He was awarded 2 Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Radio at 1541 Vine Street and for Recording at 6927 Hollywood Boulevard in Hollywood, California.

The Jacksons were awarded a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for Recording at 1500 Vine Street in Hollywood, California.

Personal Quotes

I can't think of a better way to spread the message of world peace than by working with the NFL and being part of Super Bowl XXVII.
I don't like pop music.
I'll always be Peter Pan in my heart.
People think they know me, but they don't. Not really. Actually, I am one of the loneliest people on this earth. I cry sometimes, because it hurts. It does. To be honest, I guess you could say that it hurts to be me.
"Just because you read it in a magazine or see it on a TV screen doesn't make it factual. To buy it is to feed it." - about tabloid magazines.
I made a terrible mistake. I got caught up in the excitement of the moment. I would never intentionally endanger the lives of my children.
"You ain't seen nothing yet, and the best is yet to come." (1999)
There is a lot of sadness in my past life. My father beat me. It was difficult to take being beaten and then going on stage. He was strict; very hard and stern.

Elizabeth Taylor used to feed me, to hand-feed me, at times. Please, I don't want anybody to think I'm starving, I'm not. My health is perfect, actually.

I just want to say to fans in every corner of the earth, every nationality, every race, every language: I love you from the bottom of my heart. I would love your prayers and your goodwill, and please be patient and be with me and believe in me because I am completely, completely innocent. But please know a lot of conspiracy is going on as we speak.

"Marlon Brando has been pushing. He's a wonderful man. He's a god. He wants a lot of money. He wants to get things done right now." - On a video about acting which he was planning to make with Brando in 2001
Elizabeth Taylor is a warm cuddly blanket that I love to snuggle up to and cover myself with. I can confide in her and trust her. She's Mother Teresa, Princess Diana, the Queen of England, and Wendy.

I trusted Martin Bashir to come into my life and that of my family because I wanted the truth to be told. Martin Bashir persuaded me to trust him that his would be an honest and fair portrayal of my life and told me that he was the man that turned Diana's life around. I am surprised that a professional journalist would compromise his integrity by deceiving me in this way. Today I feel more betrayed than perhaps ever before; that someone, who had got to know my children, my staff and me, whom I let into my heart and told the truth, could then sacrifice the trust I placed in him and produce this terrible and unfair programme. Everyone who knows me will know the truth which is that my children come first in my life and that I would never harm any child. I also want to thank my fans around the world for the overwhelming number of messages of support that I have received, particularly from Great Britain, where people have e-mailed me and said how appalled they were by the Bashir film. Their love and support has touched me greatly.

I was coming out of the shower and I fell and all my body weight - I'm pretty fragile - all my body weight fell against my rib cage. And I bruised my lung very badly.
I love my children. I was holding my son tight. Why would I throw a baby off the balcony? That's the dumbest, stupidest story I ever heard.
I think that it's demeaning and disrespectful but I also want to make it clear it's not just about me but a pattern of disrespect that he has shown to our community. He needs to stop it and he needs to stop it now." - On Eminem's video for "Just Lose It"

I have spent my entire life helping millions of children across the world. I would never harm a child. It is unfortunate that some individuals have seen fit to come forward and make a complaint that is completely false. Years ago, I settled with certain individuals because I was concerned about my family and the media scrutiny that would have ensued if I fought the matter in court. These people wanted to exploit my concern for children by threatening to destroy what I believe in and what I do. I have been a vulnerable target for those who want money.

I am always writing a potpourri of music. I want to give the world escapism through the wonder of great music and to reach the masses.

I'm a visionary and a creative person. God blessed me with certain talents. I hate to use an analogy, but Walt Disney was creative but not good with business. His brother Roy handled the books. He loved creating family-oriented entertainment and so do I. I feel that was a gift and I have that gift also. I'm very honored to have been chosen.

"When I saw him move I was mesmerized. I've never seen a performer perform like James Brown and right then and there I knew that that was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Where Are They Now
(November 2003) Greatest hits compilation released on 17th November 2003, entitled "Michael Jackson: Number Ones", with one new song entitled "One More Chance".
(November 2003) Arrested and charged with sexually abusing a 12-year-old boy.
(February 2005) Trial for charges including molestation and intoxication of a minor begin. Expected to last at least 6 months.
(June 2005) Acquitted on all charges in the child molestation and intoxication of a minor trial.
(September 2005) Resides in Bahrain, a Muslim country that is located on the Southern part of Persian Gulf.
(November 2006) Accepted Guinness World Record award for Greatest Album of all time, at London's Earls Court.

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RIP... King of POP......


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Search for KOKOLETTE begins + more Sassy Update

The much awaited KOKOMANSION a Tv reality show is set to hit the Tv screen this sunday June 28, 2009. HiTv will unveil these 12 successful candidates who were screened out among the millions that applied for a sit on the reality show. (Yes, I mean millions)

The winner who will emerge from the 12 candididates will be crowned "The most sought after Kokolette".

Go check it out.


The contestants have been narrowed down from 14,910 to about 8,304.

However, ST found out from reliable sourced that only 108 of the 8,304 would be selected to proceed on the next stage of qualification for the search holding at Omodo Forest in Aagba, Osun State.

The figure would be further pruned down to about 40 to be taken to Sea School, Apapa where 18 of these youths who scale through the final round of hurdles which includes jumping from atop an abandoned ship inside the ocean to wall climbing would be presented to Nigerians at a ceremony in lagos on July 4.
There, the final 10 contestamts for the search will emerge before they proceed on the search to find the horn of valour held by the custodian of the forest.

Check out for more updates.

This month's edition of FRIDAY NYTE LAFF would be coming up this saturday at the MAGNOLIA HALL, City Mall, Onikan-Lagos.
Go catch fun peoples, it's one event to go this weekend, for more info check out my post on this.

Then, the
R.kelly is coming to Naija at the Thisday Festival coming up soon.
Look out for more post on this.

Howdy-do all?
Missing loads of una on blogsville...
Enjoy the rest of the day.



Wednesday, June 24, 2009

KEL droped it like its HOT.....

You know her right? She is the hot sexy performer at the last HHWA 09.
No idea? Okay, she is the “Waa wa alright” crooner… the hottest kid on dah block representing Naija female rappers (Sasha really has to convince us otherwise!)
Her name is KEL and she is just not a look over, she knows how to do her thingy and she is doing it well.

Kel’s new album (Oh yeah, highly anticipated!) is out at last and everyone is like screaming “Well done gurl!” ‘cos believe me people this is really good.
Kel’s debut album, The Investment, drops on Monday, June 22nd and has 19 sizzling tracks and features so many musical big gunners on the Naija music scene.

The Nigerian female rap sensation, Kel, dropped the 19-track album like it’s hot.
Artist featured in her album include Shank, Darey, MI, Tha Suspect, Ill Bliss & Jesse Jagz.
J-Martins, Jesse Jagz & Tha Suspect also laid down some production on the album. There is currently a video for her latest single “Too Fine.”

“To me, the investment is about strength and perseverance,” Kel said. “Things can go from bad to worst; people can say stuffs like she’s not going to last and all that, but they don’t really know the time, money and strength, sweat, tears, blood and sacrifice myself and my team have invested into making this album a reality.”

She had made it clear and even spoken it in words to anyone who cares to listen that she is not in the Naija Music Industry to ba a flash in the pan. And true to that unlike her other female counterparts, since her debut on Ill Bliss’ 2007 hit single ‘You go wound’, the rapper has been permanently in our faces and has topped the chart with her debut single “Waa wa alright”….. hmnnn!

According to her manager, Osagie Osarenkhoe “The album is long over due, it’s about that time. I think Kel has paid her dues. The investment tells a story of aspiration, it’s a reflection of passion and sacrifice.”
She continues: “It shows how we can aspire and against all odds, achieve our dreams. Kel has paid her dues, and she is still doing that now. But we take it as an investment, but when the time comes, the dividends will show.”
Over the past years, the rapper’s star has continued to rise. She has received both commercial and critical acclaim and has established herself as one of the fastest rising talents in Nigeria ’s thriving hip hop industry. And she’s quickly strolling to the top, getting ready to become a big star in her own right.

Check out the 19 Track List:


WAA WA ALRIGHT FT. SKIN produced by Tha Suspect

NOBODY ELSE FT. SHANK produced by Tha Suspect

TURN BY TURN FT. WIZKID & YQ produced by Tha Suspect

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Show Love Always...

There was a man who saw a scorpion floundering around in the water. He decided to save it by stretching out his finger,
but the scorpion stung him.
the man still tried to get the scorpion out of the water,
but the scorpion stung him again and again, again...,
Another man nearby told him to stop saving the scorpion that kept stinging him
but the man said "it is the nature of the scorpion to sting, and it is my own nature to LOVE . Just because it is the nature of the scorpion to sting doesnt mean that I shd give up my nature to love" don't give up your loving nature.... don't give up your goodness... don't give up your kind heart,
even if the people around you, HURT and STING.... love them.
As u face the challenges of today, as some colleagues or customers hurt or sting you, be conscious of your nature. Dont let them make u forget who u are;

Have a blessed day


*Got this mail from a friend and felt I should share.

LASGIDI's Hottest Spas...

Hey…hey… hey!
Watagwan and howdy-do this morning peeps?
Did a lot of running around the last two weekend due to this mail I got from a fellow blogger who will be coming down to Naija for a while with her family.

She wants to know where and how much to spare to have a nice and sassy skin rejuvenation because according to her word… “These are things she cannot do without”

Flip through this and make your own choice too even if you are not in Naija right now, it would sure help you whenever you’re breezing in next time.
Got these details from an up-to-date event magazine but added my own tiny bits here and there after carrying out my research.

When you’re through, I’ll tell you my favorite and why.

Find a list of Where to find it, What you get, Who goes there, best treatment and Varied Price Bracket.


Beauty Concerns
269A Kofo Abayomi Street, Victoria _ Island
Open 9am – 7pm (Mon-Sat)
What you get: TLC for your body and soul
Who goes there: Ciy Sickers
Best Treatments: Hawaiian four-hand massage (two therapists, one ticket to paradise)
Best Price: Facial N5000 to N10,000: Massage N3,500: Great Getaway for Him package N25,000

4 Magbon Close, Ikoyi
Open 9am-10pm (Mon-Sat)Noon-8pm (Sun)
What you get: More mirrors than
Who goes there: Asian-massage junkiesBest treatment: Indonesian massage
Best Price: From N6,500 for massage

Clear Essence
Destination Spa
5, Ojora Road, Ikoyi
A feeling of nervous expectation
Health and fitness freaks should get set for the opening.

Day Spa
8A Sapara Williams Street off idowu Martins Street, Victoria – Island
Open 10am – 6omm (Mon-Thru)10am-7pm(sat)12noon – 6pm, Sundays
What you get: A little luxury for big spenders
Who goes there: Cash madams and metrosexuals
Best Treatment: 24-k Gold Facial, N8,500Best price: Facials N8000-N12000:Seaweed wrap, Massage from N4000 to N10000: Hot stone massage N6000: Brazilian wax N1,500

Down Town beauty Salon
248A Muri Okunola Street, Victoria Island
Open 10am-7pm (Mon-Sat)Noon-7pm (Sun)
What you get: High maintenance grooming
Who goes there: Ajebutter jet setters and nolly dollies
Best Treatment: Steam room and sauna body exfoliation
Best Price: Full body massage I hour N3000, 30mins N2,200: Facials from N3,500 to N5,500: Body exfoliation N4000: Half leg waxing N,800 and full leg N3,500

Montaigne Place Spa
Said to be the first in Lasgidi…whooops!
PLOT 26A Muri Okunola Street, Victoria-Island
Open 9am-8pm (Mon-Sat)1pm-7pm (Sun)
What you get: Top to toe pampering
Who goes there: Anti –ageing treatment junkies
Best Treatment: Clarins Bust beauty gel, “bra in a jar”
Best price: Average treatment N6000:Best Price: Massage for an hour N3,750:Full leg wax N2,200

Veni Vici Spa
146A Ligali Ayornde street, Victoria Island
Open 9am-7pm (Mon-Sat)1pm-7pm (Sun)
What you get: Buffed and Polished to perfection
Who goes there: Island Big boys and Bridezillas
Best Treatment: “Back flip” rub with salt crystals
Best Price: N5000 massageN7000 body wrap

My choice is and will always be “DownTown” for now…. Though many will tell you Montaigne is the place to be but hey one man’s meat…lol
And one more thing about these spas is that you don’t have to be a regular customer to look good.
When you’ve found a treat that does your skin good, it’s common sensical (My own diko word ni o) to try it yourself at home.

Get the stuffs used through their help and enjoy your spa at home too, this goes for Makeup studios and Manicure/Pedicure Studios. Learn more from the experts and try them at home on your own. That’s what I do, it’s the thrill.

Make out time to spoil your skin this month since salary would soon be paid (For monthly salary earners like… Come to DownTown with me.


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