Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Do you know?! ...Nollywood Numbers

2400: Number of movies produced anually in Nigeria

46: Average Number produced weekly.

522,000,000,000: Value of Nigeria's movie industry in Naira

250: Price of a Nollywood title on home video, in Naira

4 - 6: Number of full lenght films contained on an average DVD sold at Lagos Idumota Market.

1: Months a Nollywood director has to produce a feature-lenght movie, from script to final print

2: Average shoot, in weeks.

10,000: Typical director's budget, in US dollars, according to the Filmaker's Cooperative of Nigeria, a lagos based film consortium.

1992: Year the first Nollywood film "Living in Bondage" went on sale.

85: Number of films actress Genevieve nnaji has appeared in since January, 200 according to the internet Movie Database

15: Number Angelina Jolie has appeared in over the same period.

100: Percentage of actor Ramsey Nouah's films that had sequels released the same year.

3: Size of Nigeria's film Industry, ranked globally.

100,000,000: Number of dollars circulated by Nollywood annually, according to the United States Commercial Services.

24,000,000: Number of CD's the Nigerian Copyright Commission estimates equipment seized in a 2007 raid could illegally copy in one year.




Funms-the rebirth said...

46 movies a week????????/ geez! no wonder

sweetness said...

85 and 15! look at the difference
lol living in bondage and violated, back in the days...

What Nigerian Women deal with. said...

sharp sharp, i came to follow your blog publicly. hehe

nice facts about nollywood. we produce too many movies oh, haba, we need to chill.

Sassy Trends said...

@all... me self wonder ooo, thanks @WNWDW.. hope that shortens it?..lol

@Sweets, we really need to chill jare...lol


RocNaija said...

I wonder how many copies 'Living in Bondage' sold though..

Hmm.. So does that mean Genevieve is more in demand when compared to Mrs Brad Pitt?

Sassy Trends said...

Ofcourse not Roc, it means naijas are not giving upcoming artiste space to express themselves hereby creating a scenario of seeing same face of nollywood stars in every home video...

Sassy Trends said...

@Roc, hope you are not finding posting a comment a bit difficult again sha?...


Natasha said...

Waoh, Do you know?
I don't know o and here is it flat on my face,
Thanks for the info..lol

RocNaija said...

It's not leaving the comments that is the problem.. but I always get a mailer error everytime I comment..

Don't know if I'm making any sense?!

Sassy Trends said...

@Nattasha, you're welcome sweets.

@Roc, yep you made sense here... I get you clearly now. Funny enuff, I see that whenever I want to make post on any blog including mine..lol
Maybe it is a security measure sort of...lol


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