Thursday, June 25, 2009

Search for KOKOLETTE begins + more Sassy Update

The much awaited KOKOMANSION a Tv reality show is set to hit the Tv screen this sunday June 28, 2009. HiTv will unveil these 12 successful candidates who were screened out among the millions that applied for a sit on the reality show. (Yes, I mean millions)

The winner who will emerge from the 12 candididates will be crowned "The most sought after Kokolette".

Go check it out.


The contestants have been narrowed down from 14,910 to about 8,304.

However, ST found out from reliable sourced that only 108 of the 8,304 would be selected to proceed on the next stage of qualification for the search holding at Omodo Forest in Aagba, Osun State.

The figure would be further pruned down to about 40 to be taken to Sea School, Apapa where 18 of these youths who scale through the final round of hurdles which includes jumping from atop an abandoned ship inside the ocean to wall climbing would be presented to Nigerians at a ceremony in lagos on July 4.
There, the final 10 contestamts for the search will emerge before they proceed on the search to find the horn of valour held by the custodian of the forest.

Check out for more updates.

This month's edition of FRIDAY NYTE LAFF would be coming up this saturday at the MAGNOLIA HALL, City Mall, Onikan-Lagos.
Go catch fun peoples, it's one event to go this weekend, for more info check out my post on this.

Then, the
R.kelly is coming to Naija at the Thisday Festival coming up soon.
Look out for more post on this.

Howdy-do all?
Missing loads of una on blogsville...
Enjoy the rest of the day.




yinkuslolo said...

thanx for the info.

pls, do u know where someone can watch koko mansion online?

Tigeress said...

yeh, thanks for the info ms. Sassy! :) Nice one.

Anonymous said...

R friggin Kelly?
I assume he needs work...

Cidersweet said...

HA! This Kokolette Mansion is a serious one O! 14, 910! Whew!
Thank you for the info. I was wondering what was going on with the Mansion stuff. As controvercial and hiss-inducing as it is, I definitely want to watch it :-)

BSNC said...

i know this kok mansion thing will be interesting..

r.kelly in naija, how cool is that..

Sassy Trends said...

@Yinkusloslo, lol... try not sure there is provision for that yet except of course you don't watch it live.
But you can still check out the website dear, will let you know is I know of wny..

@Tigeress, thanks love.

@Brokeass,lol... peopla don kolo for here o make dem no come grab you this one wey you dey hiss so...

@Cidersweet, lamo... why all of una dey hiss so?
Leave D'banj alone o make e enjoy him kokolettes dem for

@BSNC, very cool I think cos people are getiin gagas already, not looking forward to going though but I'm 100% sure it's going to be da bomb!

Thanks all for stopping by

sweetness said...

i wanna watch it so bad!


Sassy Trends said...

@Sweetness, that makes plenry of us oooo
We all cant wait
Enjoy your weekend gurl and thanks for breezing in.


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