Monday, June 29, 2009


Read this bloggers and air your opinions, this is so saddening and trust MOI, I made sure it's well circulated on www before posting in here make nobody no come kobalise me ooo... no be on top here it take start.

Honourable Wale Alausa, representing Ijebu-Ode Constituency in the Ogun State House of Assembly, has said that Governor Gbenga Daniel forced him to take an oath in 2007 contrary to the report in the Nigerian Compass this morning.Reacting to the story, “Ogun 15 lawmakers on blood oath,” Hon. Alausa said it was a fabrication aimed at ridiculing his person and his colleagues in the house by Daniel and his agents.
He confessed that the photographs published by Compass today were genuine but were taken in 2007 inside Daniel’s Sagamu mansion and its environs when he was forced to take an oath before he could get the PDP ticket to the state House of Assembly.
The lawmaker said he and his colleagues (G15) never took any oath and neither did they visit any shrine in Ijebu-Igbo to take an oath, adding that it was pure blackmail by Daniel to stop the House from carrying out its oversight functions.

“The photographs on the front page of Compass today were truly mine but the story was fabricated. I was forced to take the photographs in Governor Daniel’s Sagamu home in 2007 when he forcefully implemented the oath on me in order to get me a ticket to the House of Assembly. And that is what he has done to everybody.
“Let him come out and deny, if he did not compel my father Chief Agboola Alausa to persuade me to take the oath. I rest my case for now. But the struggle continues,” he said.According to Compass, “the crisis in Ogun State involving G 15 members of the House of Assembly was triggered by a blood oath taken at a shrine in Ijebu-Igbo, Ijebu North Local Government, last year, the Nigerian Compass learnt last night.
“The members took the oath to ensure a united front against Governor Gbenga Daniel. The oath was sponsored by some politicians including the father of a prominent politician in Abuja, a Senator, a former South-West governor, a former minister and another prominent politician in Ogun State.”
The report added: “the oath, which was taken naked by the members and in daylight, was witnessed by the sponsors and the native doctors, the administrators of the oath.
“Items used for the oath included blood, cow heads, calabash and other fetish materials. Each participant swore to upholding opposition to Daniel at all times and submitted to the death of their first born, should they renege on the oath.“Each of them was required to mention the name of their first child in the course of the oath, setting in motion serious consequences for the children should their fathers go back on the prescribed course of opposition.“The Nigerian Compass learnt that the finality of this oath is why prominent traditional rulers such as the Awujale of Ijebuland, Oba Sikiru Adetona, the Alake of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Aremu Gbadebo, the Akarigbo of Remoland, Oba Michael Sonariwo, and other prominent leaders such as Prince Bola Ajibola, General Tunji Olurin and Yeye Oodua H.I.D. Awolowo were unable to persuade them to change their stance.”


chayoma said...

mehn, i read this for naijablog, and i am still in awe! shocked to my very core!
what is up with the juju and politics??
we need a revival for naija!

Anonymous said...

na wa

sweetness said...

hey goodness me sassytrends r u serious???
Mehn, front page of the papers... hey his kids... omg this is sad
his wife???

Anonymous said...

my dear i read this since monday and all i can say is that "its a big shame". shame is not on the mad man but on his in laws. shame is not on the main people involved but on me a naija indigene whose innocence has been deprived through this story.

naija will not kill me. these people wont kill me.

its only in naija.....if say i knew you don post am, i for don post another thing for my blog.

Sassy Trends said... so so...
@sweetness, na so o

Lhinkoln said...

This is a shame.
But should anyone be surprised at this?
This is a far throw to the evil forest in Okija. Aint it?
After the okija issue, what again can be a surprise?

Dazzle! said...

Its a damn shame...Nigeria is soo behind..I have heard so many fetish things about Gbenga Daniel and Ogun State..He has become a mini-god there..its sad..

Sassy Trends said...

@Lhinkoln, oh yeah...almost forgotten about Okija Shrine for real... werrin man eyes no go see my dear?
Thanks for stopping by swweets

@Dazzle dear, fact is there is always a black sheep in the flock, this really does not denote that nigerians are bad now..haba! and we no dey behind
thanks for stopping by luv...

Miss Odukoya xx said...

wow!! this is ridiculous!!People need to stop being so ignorant..The whole first son thing is retard..things like this make me very thankful for the kind of father I have

Sassy Trends said...

Hmnn..well said dear...

NaijaBabe said...

What? What ?
Is this real?
As in seriously?

Sassy Trends said...

Yep my dear, it's as real as the picture you can see uploaded over there...

Na so o..
Thanks for stopping by

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