Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Add a glow to your Face..

Ladies, taking very good care of your face is not a necessary luxury and it won't cost you a fortune either.
All you have to do is learn the step by step procedure that will give you that flawless sassy look that you see on the everyday red carpet.
Foundations set the tones of a lady's appearance and give you that glow and spotless look, it also conceals the ugly spots hereby doubling up as a concealer for soft shades of dark facial spots which may arise from pimples and acne.
One major function of a good foundation however is its potent power of getting rid of excess facial oil that results in the breakout of acne and facial skin irritations.

Common Foundations that goes a long way in blending well to your face is the most sought after "Mineral Foundation". It gives you the finish of a powder with seamless coverage that hides minor imperfections.

Foundation must be tested to match your skin color, this you can achieve by applying it along the jaw line at the point of purchase. If it does not bled well, then it is not the color for you.

Foundation can be applied with a make sponge or your finger tips or with both.
Blend well the foundation out towards the hairline, under the chin and the front part of your neck so the colors won't look different from your own skin tone.

For the Mineral Powder, it can used by anybody with any type of skin. The zinc oxide, which is present in the mineral powder, is anti inflammatory, so if you have rosacea, or are plagued with skin blemishes, this is ideal.

As there is no talc in these mineral powders, it helps to retain the moisture and retains hydration.

It does seem to be loaded with advantages and a little makeup goes a long way.

When applying mineral foundation powder, just allow the moisturizer to be completely absorbed. In India, a little bit of rice powder is first applied to absorb the extra moisture.

While using mineral powder during makeup, always use downward strokes and lightly dust the face, adding more layers as required. This is in contrast to other talc applications where a lot is applied and then the excess is blended in or off. If you want to create a dewy look, mix a bit of mineral powder foundation with the moisturizer and apply. By varying the content of mica present in the mineral powders, a sheer and shimmering effect or an opaque effect can be achieved.
Common labels mostly adored by Sassy ladies includes Mary Kay, MAC, Black Opal et al.
So what are you waiting for? Go get that shimmer....




Anonymous said...

I thought some make up artist forego foundation especially for young ones or people with certain face.....Foundation makes my face oily or wet, when I would rather have a dry one.Now, i use a moisturizer instead

Sassy Trends said...

Really? I dont use to be a foundation person 'cos it causes a kind of skin irritation till I discovered the mystic behind MaryKay's foundation.

It really transformed the way I look and keeps giving me a flawless perfect finish, I think the problem with yours is not getting to know the type that would suit your facial skin. On the issue of making faces oily and wet, nada..nada... but if you think mosturizers are the best for you, dig it gurl so far it makes you look waoh!

Miss.Subrosa said...

I vouch for Mary Kay foundation too, @naijagirl you can ry out the bloaters that gets rid of excess oil and sweats after applying.

Tigeress said...

Please visit

BSNC said...

i never liked using foundation until i met MAC. You can't tell if someone used foundation on their face.

Sassy Trends said...

@Tigeress, wats the latest this time?

@BSNC really? It's all good sha, I think MAC is also a very nice one though never tried it before, I'll rather stick to MaryKay... 'cos for another risk... no - no...


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