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Alright peeps, it’s summer times and as always new fashion trends are springing up in every nook and cranny and so many designers are coming up with the latest trends to be adorn this summer ’09.
ST has filed out the top on the list for both Sassy gents and Sassy Ladies.


The jean Wear:
Topping the chart this season for wears is the ever faithful Jean wear. And you trust it comes in all shapes and cuts to suit your style and budget. Check out the jean collections for this summer which include the skinny, Straight and the popular flared that has refused to leave the fashion scene.
The straight and skinny jeans have been updated to give a superb fitting and since they come in the normal stretchable materials, they give the comfy fits you’ve always longed for. Cropped Jean wear should be given a wide berth this summer.
Hot colors are eye candies this summer (Hot Red, Orange, Flashy Yhellow…lol and sharp pink)
The Dark Shades Jeans (Blue – Black, Navy blue and Black colors) are also to-die-for too. They double up as both casual and Formal.
IF YOU’RE TALL: Go for extra long inseams and if you’re slim as well, go for the ultra skinny jeans.
IF YOU’RE PLUS SIZE: Get stretch jeans with 2 percent spandex, more will make them too clingy. Steer clear of tricky textures and light shaded jeans; a dark, solid color is just ideal!
IF YOU HAVE WIDE HIPS: Go for jeans that sit just above the hips, stretch denim in ‘give’ at hips while preventing waist from gapping.
IF YOU HAVE A FULL BUTT: Accentuate a rounded ‘bubble’ bottom with embellished pockets and darts, yokes or top stitching. Pockets should be short and flat on the bottom; not long and bulky!
IF YOU HAVE A STOMACH BULGE: Avoid pleats. A medium rise will work best. Low risers will give a ‘muffin top’ (flesh spilling out over waistband); too high (high-waisted jeans for instance) puts focus on the tummy.

The Skinny pants:
Need I say more, the Skinny pants have really come to stay and it lingers still on the scene this summer. It goes well with your day-to-day Tunic short dresses, tops and bulgy tops. And will get complemented with the Killer heels. Low heels and ballerinas is a no-go when adorning the skinny pants. It’s better not considered.
For length, the long and knee length goes and if you are considering colors, you can play with various colors so far it blends well with your tops and shoes.

Floral and Printed Skirts:
Oh well! You read right baby… the printed skirts are eye candies this summer and so many ladies were like; “It would take them a kinda courage to go in with this trend”. But hey, why not? Bring back that classy-girlie look in very sexy printed skirts. All you need do is make it sit well on tops that blend well and you are on the go!

The tartans:
If you remember the granny house wear or rather the old school primary uniforms with the ugly big colored boxes and squares then you aint far away from the tartans exotic designs.

Though a bit modified and modernized, it is so difficult to take off our eyes off them because of the sassy suave style they come in now. (Shirts, Tops, Gowns and shoes all come in tartans)
Tartans are one of the trends to watch out for this summer so make sure you’re not left behind. Go with the flow!

When shopping for yours, it is key to pick out something distinct and peculiar… Something about you ‘cos you won't want to go on the street and loose count of ladies in the same style and color you are in.
Tartans are fun when it is something special for just you alone.
Embrace the tartans... It is the return of tartans!

The Wraps:
Hmnnn... I love this people!!!
Wraps are in to stay to this summer and they come in tops, mini helmets and long numbers. You can as well pick a favorite or have them all; I’ll choose the latter…lol
To accentuate your figure in a wrap styled top or gown, make sure they have a “beneath-the-bust-line” sash or midriff belt. They make it more sexy and pronounced. So go wrap it up baby!

Tunic Dresses/Tops:

Hmnnn... you know those eye catchy carribean-like dresses that looks waoh and makes you drool. Tunic is staying this summer and it has a wide range of cuts to suit every body curves and contours.

The Asymmetric Numbers:
The asymmetric Numbers has finally clinched a space on the fashion scene and has worn the hearts of so many. This summer, they are coming in full force and are gracing every dinner occasion and formal dinner outings. The Black colors are a must-have and a bit of neutral colors should be considered as well. Very flashy colors should be avoided and the cool ones should not only be embraced but should grace your wardrobe.
The long ones go with every figure and are more graceful. Accessories like the Upper Arm and wrists bling bling should be played with when adorning your Asymmetric Numbers; they give you that Cleopatra look.


The Gladiators:
My Gladiator shoes have come to stay ladies… that’s the latest taste of Sassy Fashion for real. The strapped sandal-like shoes are also coming in exotic designs and in different labels to bring out the new-you-look.
Gladiators also come in handy light-weighted low heel sandal that can complement a more casual look. Flashy colors are on line this summer. Try them out if you've not gotten one.


Bangles and Hand Accessories:
Spend more on flashy hand bangles and hand accessories this summer cos it is so certain they will be staying for a long time. So you will have to use, use and use without a care in the world. But one tip to note when buying is to buy something of higher quality hereby favoring quality to quantity. They can also double up as Formal and Casual add-ups.
Hand Accessories are fashion “don’t-do-without” this summer. So top them on your list.

Bling bling Earrings:
No doubt the big earrings rocks any day. And it becomes more interesting when they are carved out in really nice colors and has a bit of glitter.

Belting up:
Belt seal the style deal in most cases and can enhance an outfit. But note that the right size, placement and texture is key to achieving that sassy look.
Sizes and Placement /Positioning
The WIDE BAND is designed in two styles (For Waist and For Hip). Though more people prefer the former ‘cos apart from being classic, it can be worn on dresses of any length or top. The former may be worn on dresses or jeans and Pants but presents a more casual and Caribbean look.
Belts attract and it is designed in different textures (Leather, Satin, and Metallic) to complement your wears. But the fabric of your outfit should determine your belt choice. Opt for harmony to play it safe or carefully determined mixes to depart from the norm.
Silk dress goes with satin, silk or metallic while jean wears go with leather …

A spec that frames you up from the sun is the in thing now. They wrap
around your face and come in handy lady-lovey colors…lol
They are to be added to the lists this summer.



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