Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Sassy's homemade recipe...

I'm gonna take you all through my "Tomato Facial Recipe"
Believe me it worked for me as I actually just went through a tough phase of acne visit...lol

A good facial toner is gentle for cleansing the skin without irritation, but powerful enough to eliminate acne causing bacteria, remove makeup residue and cut oil each and every day. All natural facial toners are generally quite expensive, but contain inexpensive and common ingredients which you can easily throw together at home.

Things You'll Need:

Large, ripe organic tomato
All natural raw honey
Mesh strainer

Step 1
Purchase a large, fully ripe, organic tomato. Not only are organic tomatoes free of harsh chemical pesticides and fertilizers, they general contain greater amounts of vitamins and minerals for pampering your skin. Tomatoes contain gentle acids which will help to cleanse your skin while removing dead skin cells.
Step 2
Choose all natural raw honey as well which has not been treated with heat or mixed with chemical preservative. Honey is a natural moisturizer with anti-bacterial properties, helping to eliminate the bacteria which forms acne while keeping the skin soft and supple.
Step 3
Wash the tomato thoroughly and then cut it into small pieces. Place the pieces in a mesh strainer, setting the strainer over the lip of a bowl, and then use the back of a spoon to press the juice and fine pulp through the strainer.
Step 4
Add enough honey to the bowl to make a thick paste and then apply your facial toner evenly to your face and neck. Allow the toner to do it's job for at least 15 minutes and then rinse with cool water. Your toner is gentle and effective, perfect for everyday use.

Other things to do with Mr. Tomato
Tomatoes can be used for that quick facial cleansing as it gives you a soothing feeling and helps eradicate acne and acne's dark dots (Blemishes)
Get a slice of tomato and rob on the face while mashing it on your face in the process, make sure your face gets enough of its juice and mashed inside.
After this, wait for 15minutes and rinse off with tepid water, you will be awed by the change you'll see on your face when you look into the mirror.

Note: This top secret is free of charge...lol
I need testimonies o...



Tigeress said...

u serious? Me i wont do it o. I'll have to see u doing it first. lol

Anonymous said...

ehen....hmmmm did u try it?
did it work?
YOu know what i think I willtest it.
but come o SASSY, if my face breaks out, NA U O!

BSNC said...

lol@ tigeress, she says it worked for her.

and its even cheap. nice..

Anonymous said...

hmmmm tomatoes too? I have heard of fruits being used. My friend used to use the peels of some fruits and claims it works wonders especially when it comes to smooth skin.

Anonymous said...

tomatoes? talk of natural, n cheap too...waoh! but y am I not eager to test? fear, I guess...lol

Miss.Subrosa said...

No be me and you, I go try am sha but ehn!

Sassy Trends said...

@Tigeress, me too don do o and it work magic dearie but werrin ddey make you fear anyway, shebii your name na TIGERESS with all dem claws and hairs, nurrin suppose dey fear you o....

@Brokeass (omo daddy..lol) I tried it dear and it worked, no worry your face no go break out wwith/in anything, so try am..lol

@BSNC, hahahaha, so you self don dey recommend am to others abi... clap for yourself..lol
You don try am? Give me feedbacks o.

@naijagril, yep your friends are sosososo right.
Other fruits like orange, watermelon,banana and paw paw works wonders too. There are other stuffs like raw eggs, honey and oats does wonders as well.

@justdoyin, let all dem fears go... this thing dey work..gbabee!!!

@Miss.subrosa, try am jare...lol
nurrin to fear o my sister...

Thanks all for breezn in..

unguardedheart said...

will just give it a trial and see....but???? if my face breaks out any worse than it is, i'll come running after U

Sassy Trends said...

lollol...@unguardedheart no wahala, but I bet if you come running after me, it's for more
free tips and not to have my neck..lol

Cheers my dear.

Natasha said...

Sasssssyyyy! How many times I take call you?
You are on your own with this tomato thing abeg.
Tomato ke? Wetin be that one?

Sassy Trends said...

@Natasha, hahahahahahahah... no worry by the time you see my radiant face this days, I bet you'll do a bit of compromise on this your stand about tomatoes...

Cheers my dear.

Anonymous said...

Sassy you don try this tomato paste facial cleanser? You are our guinea pig....uhm, sorry, our frontrunner. Abeg try am quick quick, customers have lined up to buy our product

Sassy Trends said...

Lmao, I try am my sister and to be quite sincere, it's working for me.

How you dey babes?
Shey u dey gbadun?

Thanks for stopping by..


Anonymous said...

after this natural treatment wt do u apply on ur face? do u apply facial lotion and if u do pls share! thanks

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