Monday, June 08, 2009

Ruffles and Frills.... Still keeps you going!

Halloos Peoples

Welcome to another taste of Sassy Fashion hot trends for dah Sassy Ladies.
I'm starting to have this guilty feels cos I'm yet to compile something for the guys But keep it locked down here and I promise something tush would come up soon.
This month sets a new trend for summer collections and believe me, more fashion statements are been boldly written on the fashion billboards.

Ruffles and frills is one trend that will stay in for a while and it can only make heads turns if they are well complemented with the right accessories and wears.
They tend to look rather ridiculous if they are not well complemented - so the best way to look good in your frills and Ruffles is to tip it with the right accesories and wears.

Ruffles and Frills have been embraced in the Corporate world as well as it looks fab when adorning a nice Long jackets and pants, the social and casual world aint that bad in this trend as well. It fits perfectly when combined with your regular skinny jeans or just the straight ones. You can also play around with a wide midriff belts especially when the top is long or if it comes in form of a mini helmet.
One good thing about Ruffles and frills is that they go with just any age group, so be it the sweet 16’s, in your late or early twenties or in your old age as the case maybe, ruffles and frills sits well and brings out the classy new “YOU”.



BSNC said...

Nice, really good for the summer.

Sassy Trends said...

Awww... thanks
Howdy-do today?


Natasha said...

Love the black sleevelesswith tight cleaves but why post when there are no links to buy?

Better go and open up a boutique or something.

sweetness said...

lol yeah open a boutique sassy trends! have a gud summer
kip em comin :)

Anonymous said...

..nice. now I want to go shopping...
When I become super important you can be my stylist ..:)
in my mind in my

Sassy Trends said...

LOLLlolololl... @Natasha swts, don't wprry, something is cropping up soon and you'll be posted.
@Sweeet very soon gurl... very soon, sure, expext more!
@brokeasss, no wahala, always at your service... you know aw to contact moi...


Anita C. McCants said...

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Sassy Trends said...

Thanks so much Anita....
This is greatest hints I'm

Loving your blog too... really nice.


Miss.Subrosa said...

This is nice sassy, na boutique you must open true true.

Chic designs I would say.
Keep them coming.

Sassy Trends said...

lol... miss.subrosa.. thanks a great deal...


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