Wednesday, June 24, 2009

KEL droped it like its HOT.....

You know her right? She is the hot sexy performer at the last HHWA 09.
No idea? Okay, she is the “Waa wa alright” crooner… the hottest kid on dah block representing Naija female rappers (Sasha really has to convince us otherwise!)
Her name is KEL and she is just not a look over, she knows how to do her thingy and she is doing it well.

Kel’s new album (Oh yeah, highly anticipated!) is out at last and everyone is like screaming “Well done gurl!” ‘cos believe me people this is really good.
Kel’s debut album, The Investment, drops on Monday, June 22nd and has 19 sizzling tracks and features so many musical big gunners on the Naija music scene.

The Nigerian female rap sensation, Kel, dropped the 19-track album like it’s hot.
Artist featured in her album include Shank, Darey, MI, Tha Suspect, Ill Bliss & Jesse Jagz.
J-Martins, Jesse Jagz & Tha Suspect also laid down some production on the album. There is currently a video for her latest single “Too Fine.”

“To me, the investment is about strength and perseverance,” Kel said. “Things can go from bad to worst; people can say stuffs like she’s not going to last and all that, but they don’t really know the time, money and strength, sweat, tears, blood and sacrifice myself and my team have invested into making this album a reality.”

She had made it clear and even spoken it in words to anyone who cares to listen that she is not in the Naija Music Industry to ba a flash in the pan. And true to that unlike her other female counterparts, since her debut on Ill Bliss’ 2007 hit single ‘You go wound’, the rapper has been permanently in our faces and has topped the chart with her debut single “Waa wa alright”….. hmnnn!

According to her manager, Osagie Osarenkhoe “The album is long over due, it’s about that time. I think Kel has paid her dues. The investment tells a story of aspiration, it’s a reflection of passion and sacrifice.”
She continues: “It shows how we can aspire and against all odds, achieve our dreams. Kel has paid her dues, and she is still doing that now. But we take it as an investment, but when the time comes, the dividends will show.”
Over the past years, the rapper’s star has continued to rise. She has received both commercial and critical acclaim and has established herself as one of the fastest rising talents in Nigeria ’s thriving hip hop industry. And she’s quickly strolling to the top, getting ready to become a big star in her own right.

Check out the 19 Track List:


WAA WA ALRIGHT FT. SKIN produced by Tha Suspect

NOBODY ELSE FT. SHANK produced by Tha Suspect

TURN BY TURN FT. WIZKID & YQ produced by Tha Suspect

BEAUTIFUL LIFE FT. AIQUE produced by Tha Suspect

JEUN SOKE produced by Jesse Jagz

TOO FINE FT. ALAYE & MAYD produced by Tee-Y Mix

OMO YAPAYASKI FT. DURELLA produced by Tha Suspect


BOY MEETS GIRL FT. SLK produced by Tha SuspectLOVE FT. M.I. & OC produced by Tha Suspect


DIE HUSTLING FT. ILLBLISS produced by Tha SuspectPUSH FT. NYORE produced by Tha Suspect


SITTING ON TOP FT. WAJE & JESSE JAGZ produced by Jesse Jagz


Watch out for "Too fine video right here..."

How una day be?
Mine have been too bussyy (Very annoying though!)




Lhinkoln said...

Sasha is no match for Kel, Kel's rap is sizzling hot.

Tigeress said...

I'm so out of the loop. thanks for educating me. :)

Anonymous said...

lol! Seriuosly Tigress.
I was like kel who?
oya off to youtube....

Anonymous said...

i love sasha so make una no insult my girl at all...just leave her for me...i love kels though...even though i think no1 can pass sasha cs she blazed the trails for everyother female in the rapping scene.i loved her too fine sha.i didnt even no abt her...just stumbled upon her on utube!

Anonymous said...

where in the world is she? I wanna listen to the song to make my own ruling.

whats the song again? waa....?

sassy, take time to rest ooo. no dey run up and down

Anonymous said...

Thank God for youtube, I have gone, I have seen, I have conquered.....

what was my opinion? hmmmmmmm

as for Sasha vs this artist....I can hear Sasha's words/lyrics more than Kels. All I see in this video is same glitz attached to Omotala's videos.

my words, my views, my style....

BSNC said...

I am okay.. I have been hearing about this kels chic, so she raps too. we need more female rappers in naija..

Sassy Trends said...

@Lhinkoln, this is not the time to judge at all sha but no doubt Kel is hot, keep your fingers crossed.

@Tigeress, you welcome sweets, you can really check out Kel on youtube sha... you're gonna love her lyrics and the flow... so realll...

@Brokeass, hope you had the bliss at youtube... way to discover new things jare... and hope you really love it sha?

@Leggy, I hear you o, Sassha's favourite. I love Sasha too o and I so love her vibes but think she is not a regular sha, but no doubt she is ssooooo hot!
You didnt know more about Kel because she is a new kid in dah block and she is just soaring big time.

Sassy Trends said...

@naijagirl...jeeezzzzzz! I'm really laughing my heads offf...lmao!
Don't worry I will take time out to rest sha even though resting is not my kind of thingy....
On Kel and Sassha, well.. good you did your own findings sha, aw u dey?
Waiting for TGIF tomorrow o?

@BrownChic babes, I hear you o, how have you been anyway?
No doubt we need loads of them, them dey gifted nah but are so scared to come out or probably they have no sponsorers yet...

Thanks for breezing in at all.

Anonymous said...

She's so pretty and she's got the "S" factor.
Me I like am o.

sweetness said...

oh my sassy trends u kno whats funny?
i added random naija songs on ma ipod yesterday, so while i was reading this post and listening to songs i just heard

' u kno hu this is
its yo girl kel!' lol

aaah shes got talent
da song was turn by turn by da way

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