Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Drama on the finger...

Hey Sassy Ladies,

It's no doubt that the Cocktail rings aint ready to leave the fashion scene as more and more Ladies keeps venting for more.

The Cocktail Rings are otherwise known as good-time-girl jewel. The star is the center stone. It is an easy way of joining the fun without breaking the bank.
Cocktail Rings are flashy, flamboyant, big and can even be designed bigger to stretch to the middle of the fingers; and again, they are beautiful to wear and sight to behold.

The big stone is the defining feature of the cocktail ring. Initially it used to be a simple cut and place on a plain band because of its scale.
But today, the range of cocktail has expanded; it goes from large to extra large. There is a rainbow of colors to choose from.

Designs can be simple and modern or overplay the top and embellish it. Some also could be accentuated with diamonds.
The big center stone might be enhanced with tiny decorative motifs that hug the edge of the stone, or a wrap around it. Gold could as well be used for the prongs or bezel of a silver ring because it is stronger and grips gems more securely.

With all these features, wearer have been warned to be careful while cleaning the cocktail rings because they are fragile. Rings made with crystals should be cleaned with soft cloth and not with liquid because even water can loosen its strings.




Miss.Subrosa said...

SEEEE! me like, me like////

BSNC said...

nice rings.....

Sassy Trends said...

@miss.subrosa, hmnnn... go get yours..
@BSNC, thanks, hope you're feeling alright today, youscared me sha o....pele.

Anonymous said...

niiice. At first look, I assumed it was men's rings, but on a second look, I can see how it can pass for ladies rings.

Sassy, have you got yours yet?

Sassy Trends said...

@Naijagirl... oh yeah, even played with so many colors and got tired of using
You know the trends had been an in thing for sometime now...

Anyway, thanks for breezing in...


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