Tuesday, May 12, 2009

D'Banj's KOKO MANSION....lol

Now I guess many are a bit baffled about this KoKo Mansion thingy commercials every where cos I have been wondering what Banjo is up to o... beats me!
ST took a sneak peep at the Koko Mansion website and got a brief overview of what really this reality tv show is all about.

The show objective is to:

Project the attributes of a good woman, wife and mother.

Help a single man determine what he should be looking for in a woman he intends to marry.

To correct the perception of a Kokolette being just the ‘party girl’ to being a truly responsible woman, capable of holding her own both at home and in public.

The concept is based on selecting one lady who of course will be the kokolet among 12 other contestants. The Kokolet (Winner) will take home a diamond ring, a brand new convertible car and five million naira cash. She will also feature in D'banj's up coming Video: "You don make me fall in love"....

So if you dey interested, apply o, na with just =N=5,000 or rather send a mail to enquiries@kokomansion.tv or rather visit the site www.kokomansion.tv

Hmnn, maybe good days are here for D'Banj o... as this is really the bang of the year...Kudos.


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