Monday, May 11, 2009

Strap it on...

Hiya Sassy peoples!

How was the weekend? Hope you all rocked it like I

Anyway, there is a fashion trend people go gaga for this days though we all thought it will go out of extinction soon but's like people are just getting soo addicted already!

It is the strapped sandal thingy...

This seaon, we see guys, ladies, mommas and poppas dotting on a pair of Sassy Straped Sandals and it sure looks good and chic on everyone.... so far you know what suit your feet and you get a color that blends well too.

In making a fashion statement with your strapped sandals, take note of how much it blends with what you have on. You know that game we call "Rhyme alot"

So you going shopping, to the beach, taking a stroll, visiting friends, look around you and get a sassy strapped sandal for casuals today - be it the flat heels, to the wedges, to the big heels....

And like ST will always say, there is one that fits in for every budget!

Love yah!


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