Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Neck Ties speaks...

One thing I so much admire in a Sassy Corporate Gents' is those Stunning Silk Ties.... hmnnn, they come in handy to complement and put a Waoh.... finishing touch to their Corporate look.

Neck ties are more like an accessory I will say because it finishes up the look and send shivers down the spine of a lady that really appreciates and celebrates a good trend sense in a Guy.

They come in various DESIGNS (Dot, Polka dot, Stripe, Wooven stripes, Patterned, Zipper, et al), DESIGN LABELS(Kenneth Cole, Jerry Garcia, Bugatti, TM, Tommy hilfiger, Oscar, John Bartlett, BCBG, Ben Shermann et el), STYLES (Abstract, Geometric, Conversational, FloralBotanical, Medallions and ornate, Basket weave paisley et al), COLORS and even SHAPES, LENGHT and WIDTHS.

But note that you can knot your neck ties and look great on it only when you complement it with matching shirts and matching cufflinks.

There is always something that fits in with your budget.

So be it the Luxury ties, Quality ties, Silk ties, Solid ties, Brand name ties, long slim ties, the narrow ties, the wide width ties, the bow ties and just the Ordinary tie, there is always someting that fits in with your budget.

Choose your style and play along with varieties as it is the spice of life.

Go knot some Sassy tie fellas and bring out that masculine charm and gait we all love... mwahhh!

Tips on Neck Ties...
  1. Going for an interview?.... try a two color stripes or plain tie. Just keep it simple

  2. For that business trip and Corporate function, try out a Luxury tie with nice colors though not something loud.

  3. A night out?...common play with colors, make them loud, sassy and really gorgeous. Just knot them in style and make some

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