Wednesday, May 06, 2009

My Sassy Gee and his shoes...

Hallos Sassy Fellas....
Do you know the quality of your shoes reveals how much you respect yourself? Of all the items in a Sassy Gents' wardrobe, shoes are the most important element of style and class... oh yeah, they are.

Your shoes should come in handy to complement your looks and reflect your style and of course there is never an amount that is too much to spend on shoes.
When you buy shoes, take note of the following to avoid the major pitfalls most gents fall into when shopping for an ideal Sassy shoes.
  • Though you can buy very cheap shoes as you might just be lucky to get one but make sure it has signs that it will really last long because the first point to look out for is not the style or cut of the shoe even if that was an attraction, make sure you buy shoes that will last long and wont get easily worn out.

  • The feel of your shoes are very key for the comfort of your feet. We tend to wear shoes for long hours due to work constraints and the likes, so why not go for something you feel rather comfortable in. And take note that, it is always advisable to buy your shoes at the end of the day, when your feets are at the peak of its lenght and width.

  • Get the best fit for your feet, if you are going to use a socks for these new shoes, take them along when you go to the store to buy the shoes. Your new shoes might feel a little loose in the morning, but you will soon notice that you can wear them all day as your feet expands.

  • Get the best value for your money!

To give those shoes optimum care, get them polished often or better still get a shoe polish kit at home in order to spend less and save more in months. Don't forget to get a Track of Shoe trees, they are excellent in terms of shoe storage, it maintains the shape and fit of leather shoes as they dry out from daily wear.

Enjoy comfy shoes, shiny shoes gents. It is all about your style and class. Watch out for references on must have shoe types for gents shortly... luv yah!


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