Thursday, May 21, 2009


Why do things happen the way they happen?
You wake up at the break of dawn looking forward to a positive and brighter day – at least brighter than yesterday – after all the bible says, the path of a righteous shines forth unto the perfect day… but duh!...
And all you get? Series of disappointment and pain that cuts deep and stings like the pang of a scorpion.

Why would you have friends who will end up becoming foes?
Alright… You thought you have a friend shey? Well, I don’t have one anymore because ones that are not worth my onions are better off my way! So you better watch your back and talk less, 90% of your so called friends would rather have your back in their evil mind ‘cos it grieves them to see you soar!

Why would you have a mixture of very strong emotions for just one person all at a time…Love, Hatred, Resentments, Hot Passion, Bitterness and Rage?
Okay, who is having my take on this? At times you wonder why you love someone so bad and hate them with a perfect hatred again… stressed the fact that there is a thin line between love and hate!

Why would people pretend to be what they are not forgetting the fact that the real you would spill out someday?
Okay to you and you Mr. and Mrs. Too-good-shoes, they can only see that side for a while no matter how good an actor you are, very soon… you self go hear am!

Why does some Spirikoko brothers condemn you in church and won’t mind touching you if given the slightest opportunity? Don’t condemn me, I’ve got instances!
Know what, I “sneaked read “ a friend’s sms from her mobile yesterday – hope she is not reading this – God knows I was searching for a good sms to send to someone (rolling eyes) and what did I see? A text she sent to her “PHASTOR”...I mean Pastor Fiancée, telling him of how disappointed she was they ended up doing it yesterday! Now this fiancée of hers is the same guy that believes I’m the bad influence in his beloved’s life. He crucifies my dress sense, my face painting, my “sokoto”...Lol, my long hair styles (he believes makes me look like an ayamatanga) and my general lifestyle! Though I caught him twice staring at my booty and I wonder! If you are a bloody pretender, you ALL suck for all I care!

Why do some people find it so difficult to put their mouth where their word is? Lol (My emphasis)
I am Mr. Universe and I can do this and that. Ladies don’t need this oga and Men don’t need this too aunty. If only we can all mould our integrity and be a man/woman of our words...Lol

Why does the Law of Karma catch up with the very wrong people? Fuck that law Jo!
Oh yes, fuck the law of karma, Solomon had 700 wives who turned his face away from the Lord and what did God do in return, he made him scale through and made his generation pay back (me no say God no fair o). But scrap this law called karma!
Who told you if you no sleep with a married man at youth, your husband won’t chase skirts when you get married? Abi who told you if you steal money you no go use am do better thing?.. Spare me abeg! As we grow older, we learn!

Why should you do people good when they will pay you back with evil?
Yep, we all know that don’t we? No comment!

Why do most men hide under the façade of issues to run away from responsibilities?
Yes, lazy lazy men! You had better move on gurl before you eat the bread of sorrow and live in abject poverty!
If your parents were so poor (pity!!!), most you end up in their shoes?
Wake up.

Why won’t some gurls remove the veil off their face and see?
He loves you shey? So you think dumb skull! You had better wake up!!!
If he truly does, he will always avoid what he knows gets at you and pisses you off! He will get others out of the way at least in your face (who cares what he does at your back?) for peace to reign.

Why should we miss out in the fun earlier in life and try making up for it later?
I have learnt that there are so many things you missed as a teen or while growing up that will make you drool as you grow into adulthood. You had better have your fun now while it last before you get tied to one dull guy in future.

Why do some people stay online 24/7?
Oh yes, I have a load of peeps that does this… Werrin be my own anyway? Aproko like me shebi?
Okay o, no find something valuable to do with your time, keep living in a bloody world of fantasy till your life gets wasted.

Why do guys love booty and bobby? Lol
They are always looking at your chest and back so don’t ask me how I knew! No matter how flat chested you are or how flat your arse may be, they will look. Mchew!

Why do gurls love it when their guys spend for them even if they are ten times richer?
Oh yeah… if you are not the spending guy, then you are not the ladies man. Shikena!!!

Why do people move from “Single” to “In a relationship” to “Engaged” to “Married” to “Divorced” to “It’s complicated” and then back to “Single” in the space of one month on Facebook?
Now this one is serious, beats me!!
Is an affair now a Ping-Pong thing or a trial and error thing, if you keep looking for the perfect person you will never find! The devil you know…hmmn!!!

Why are ladies so revengeful and spiteful in issues that concern the one they love? God save thy neck o son of man if your woman truly loves you!
Every little detail will be maximized till you get
Run away for cover from an over possessive woman except in rare cases whereby you love her more.

Why do guys earn a higher percentage on the cheating scale?
You want to know? The truth is always the truth. If he is not telling you, you had better find out!If your house maid fine pass you, he go look ooo… and he go possibly Better find your way round looking good, if he isn’t footing the bill to a nice hair do, Monthly facial treatment, body scrub and gorgeous wears, he aint worth it after all! Take a break!!!

Why are some guys so damnnnn stingy? Got one in my closet!
Oh yes, one that gets irritated when it is so obvious you were going to ask him for some little changeee! One that finds it so difficult to part with anything at all! I tell you some guys are so stingy. Need we say more? We self dey try for ourself oga, aint looking forward to your durty currency!

Why do gurls have to ovulate and experience terrible pain each month? Wished mine was
E no easy, but if we are tired of menstruating and scared of menopause, which one we wan do self?


My name is LIBRA (For ST)

Let's weigh this on my scale...


Lhinkoln said...

I think the relationship status on facebook is something I have observe too with great scrutiny. A question no one can answer.

paulo bellaro said...

uhmn. . . This is lovely, I have to read this over and over again.

Your flow was great and was real nice. very natural, straight and direct. I am jealous, I used to think only me could write my mind, and flow this good.

To the issues raised, I cannot but agree. The hypocrite pastor, is an epitome of the hypocrisy in ALL of us. our words never reflect our heart, actions or inactions, that has made this world a terrible place and its inhabitants untrustworthy.

who wants friends anyway? Just get the best out of life, make the best of ur relationships with both sexes and always please urself, while being humane.

wetin be ur business with stingy guys? ever heard of stingy girls and "ole" girls, who come after u just because of ur pockets? they made men wise up.

Good one Aproko.

SassyTrends... said...

hahahahaah.. @paulo, you dey crack me, the pastor thingy dazed me anyway, I just opened my mouth so wide and was like hah! so now.
Thanks anyway but you know I actually learned from you too, your write ups are hmnn...and I'm looking forward to your blog someday, something about law, politics and gunners I suppose...lmao.
@Lhinkoln ese o, I be dey think sey na only me notice ooooo...


Anonymous said...

U really caught me in a very bad time but still i cannot but marvel at ur 'scriptorial'power,u are made for d sky.I av a lot 2say on ur write ups but give me litle time.kazeem Alaaya

SassyTrends... said...
Your support is greatly appreciated.


RocNaija said...

A Libran? Interesting..

So many 'Why's' though.. Not enough answers..

PS.. Loads of those you might think are always online probably never log off when they go out, no?

SassyTrends... said...

Waoh, the whole RocNaija on my page?!!!!!!... now that is something.
Thanks for the comment though and the observations too, really appreciate.

I think you are rite too on that, but why dem status no dey idle?lol
Just what I feel anyway...

Thanks for your support

Anonymous said...

hahaha, girl I am feeling some of these write ups.Heard a similar story of a guy/young pastor who did it or was doing it behind the back with his fiancee until God arrested them and he came to church weeping and apologizing to the whole congregation. I listened to that story and wondered if such people would get credibility in that particular church again

SassyTrends... said...

@naijagirl, infact the more they don't get credibility the better 'cos most of them are just hypocrites and makes others look like the sinners.
We all know who we are inside us and know how far how morality and credibility can go, why spend time rejoicing while we remove the speck in a brother's eyes when we have a log of wood in ours.
Thanks for the comment naijagirl


Dazzle! said...

"Why do gurls love it when their guys spend for them even if they are ten times richer?
Oh yeah… if you are not the spending guy, then you are not the ladies man. Shikena!!"

lmao..true that

Sassy Trends said...

Abi o my sister, na real true talk!

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