Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Name: Babatunde Olusegun

Current Awards: 3 Hip Hop Award
Best Rap single - Elbow Room
Best Rap Album - Malcom IX
Lyricist on the roll

Mode nine was born in England where he was influenced by a lot of hip hop, particularly Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. He came back to Nigeria in 1979. He studied Building Technology at Bida Polytechnic. He met Ayo Animashaun, a publisher who eventually introduced him to Solo Dee, a quantity surveyor who mentored him and introduced him to real hip-hop. This is when he met people such as Loknan 'Eldee' Dombin, Mista baron, Six Foot plus, De Weez and El-Cream and together they formed the super group Aftermath. They changed the name to Swatroot. Mode nine especially rapped a lot in school and upon moving to Abuja, secured a deal with Payback Tyme Records to work on his album. He finished the production work on his album IX Files working with Payback tyme Records producers such as Mr Baron, Eldee, Da Capo and Ross Oscar. He had to wait through the production and release of albums of his label mates Six foot Plus (Millennium Buggin' 2001) and Terry tha rapman (Rapmainfestation). One of the singles, It's about to get ugly, was a massive hit but the album was never released. He went to work as a radio presenter for Rhythm 84.7fm in Abuja (a sister station to Rhythm 93.7 Lagos).
He left eventually to finish the Malcolm IX mixtape and got it released in 2004. He hooked up with Question Mark Entertainment which promotes him now.
Some of his songs include Africa, Cry, Elbow Room, It's about to get ugly, Rock on, Formidable, Head, Orisuna basement freestyle, 419 state of mind, Lagos state of mind, I don dey come, Payback, Issues.
Best Hits: Nigerian Gurls, Elbow Room.


Anonymous said...

before MI, i considered modenine, one of the best rappers out of naija. Its unfortunate that he is not being recognized for his works. he needs good publicity like someone mentioned to me recently; its not a matter of talent for naija, you need people to hype you up and thats what others have that he lacks

SassyTrends... said...

@naijagal WORD!!!
I remembered mentioning him as one of the best artist with excellent lyrics to some colleagues and they were like they've never heard of that name before ever and I was really shocked!

I totally agree with you o, MOdenine needs publicity so he won't fade away with those tapping lyrics.

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