Tuesday, May 19, 2009

GENEVIEVE Pink Ball '09

Hey peeps!

You're wondering where to be this weekend?
Alright on time...

The Expo Centre, Oceanview Victoria-Island Lagos is da place!
23rd of May is the da Day!
And the time is 6:30pm on the D.O.T
Never too late to get a ticket..lol

Its the Genevieve Pink Ball again...

The Genevieve Pink Ball '09 which is billed to hold on the 23rd of May i.e this saturday is a social platform for the creation of mass awareness on breast cancer.

At a press briefing recently Betty Irabor, publisher of Genevieve Magazine and the organizers of pink ball concert says “Pink ball is a party with a purpose.” Irabor believes that with fashion that is inseparable from women, pink ribbons do not express anything about the horrors of breast cancer, instead it is a friendly approach that allow women to be comfortable about speaking on the deadly disease. Pink has therefore become a fashion symbol for the event that is coming up soon. Among other things, women have been advised to have a breast examination to dectate the early stage and seek for solution immediately. Pink is a feminine colour, both baby or the bright fuscia are all welcome on board. That is why the organisers of the event chose the soft name and colour just to reflect the mode of the women because it strongly represents the women folk. Style will not be played down at the event billed to the early discovery of the killer disease, every nook and cranny of the venue and all guests would appear in pink to reflect the mood of the day. Style at its best. (The Sun News)
Genevieve Pink Ball has come a along way as the first edition was premiered in 2005 and chiefly among its prime purpose is to add value to humanity. Their latest development is the setting up of a Mammography centre at the LASUTH Ikeja.
And according to Betty, beyond the fanfare, sophistication and partying is a message that is very deep.
Need I say more... let's go give our full support as we get ready to step in glamor to the ball.


Lhinkoln said...

Are you coming?
Would love to see you there, I am in Naija o.

SassyTrends... said...

Gat plans...lol
But will try and steal some pics (of priry gurls in lovly ball gowns..like cinderella) for your viewing pleasure.

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