Monday, May 11, 2009

Ladies are digging shawls...

Naija babes, for God's sake this is not Saudi Arabia or India, neither is it Iran, Egypt, Jeruslaem nor

What is it about this shawl thing now?

But gee.... our ladies are really digging the Sassy Shawl thingy this days and it beats me o...

When the trend started making waves, I look at it with disgust and believed I will never embrace such fashion trends... but when I started buying various colors of shawl to match all my wears, I knew there is something definitely wrong somewhere.

Go to the Corporate Organisation, the banks and other financial houses, you will be dazed at the extent to which ladies use shawls that complements their suits to make a fashion statement or for whatsoever reasons best known to them. Some will even tell you, the ac in their office is way too much but really Sassy Ladies, whatever the excuses or reasons you give to wrap on these shawls in style, make sure you go for one that fits in color to your wears.

They come in handy, light and extremely cheap and of course you can afford to buy a whole color set without even batting an eyelid! And the goodnews is that they can be found just anywhere...

Wrap them on Sassy Ladies and let's give our Islam sisters a head on in sassy

Keep making that fashion statement.


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