Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lagbaja's new album.... At last!

Paradise and Sharp Sharp, the twin albums from Lagbaja is out at last...

ST grabbed the jist that it was released earlier this week into the ever booming Naija Market.

Well packaged and full of intrigue and glamour, Lagbaja's new album feature great songs where he display a great deal of his excellent twist and turns of saxophone.

Songs in this album include "Bling Bling Panda", "Sobolation", "Paradise", "Sharp Sharp" amidst others.

The albums which were recorded live in Lagos Motherlan Studios have a great mix and is said to be available in all sales outlet and getting ready to boom Naija live and direct.

Other Hints: All songs were mixed in different US studios, including Studio Crash (Pennyslavia), Bennet Studio (NJ) and Studio 4 (Pennyslavia).

Grammy award winner engineer Dave Kowalski recorded the salsa version of Lagbaja's composition "Deja A Mi Gente Quedarse" (Let my people stay) at Bennet studios.

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