Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hairstyles that flatter your face shape

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PUT your best face forward. Choose the most flattering hairstyles from the myriad of wigs and weave-ons in the market.
YOU may love the latest celebrity hairstyle in vogue, but it might not be the right hairstyle for your face. One hairstyle that looks great on your friend may also not look fantastic on you.
Only the shape of your face and the proportions of your features will tell you the hairstyle that suits you most.

Here's a guide to choosing the hairstyles that flatter your face shape:

Oval face - You are lucky. This is the kind of face that suits just about any hairstyle, both long and short hair. Any style looks great on you as your face shape is well balanced. However, avoid covering your perfect face shape with heavy bangs or fringe.

Round Face - Full hairstyles give the impression of a face. Try a cut with layers while keeping the sides of your face swept back from your forehead, or hairstyles that are longer than chin length, if you are a tall person.
Fringes and side parts are also good styles for you. Avoid centre partings, fullness at the sides of the ear and straight "chopped bangs," as these will emphasise the shape of your face.

Full forehead - If your forehead is large and your chin is long, it can help to add volume below the chin line to balance it out. A thick layered cut or mid-length looks will add fullness where it is needed. Bangs can also reduce the look of a full forehead.

Square face - A wide jawline echoes a similar width forehead and the last thing you need is a short, severe haircut to emphasise your already prominent features. Soften the square shape with curls or waves directed on to the face or swept off to one side. Avoid a centre parting and a full fringe.

Long neck - A long graceful neck is a beautiful and desirable feature that should be shown off. Short hair can really show off your neck. However, long hair can also add to your already graceful neck when worn in an elegant style like gel packing.

Short neck - It is essential to keep the hair short and shapely or to choose styles that sweep upwards to help give the impression of an elongated neck.

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